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Book Your Spring Break Birthday Getaway With Your BFF’s at This Balinese Paradise
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams

Wishing you had an exotic place to escape to for a luxurious spring reprieve and a seriously mellow birthday bash?  It doesn’t get much better than the OWN Villa Bali in swanky Seminyak, where you’ll be enfolded in the lush surrounding tropics and sprawling rice terraces—not to mention be just a short jaunt away from the beach. This spectacular four-villa property is modeled after traditional Sumatran architecture, making for a dramatic skyline and even dreamier tall-ceilinged bungalows.  So grab your fellow sun-lovers, beach babes and adventurers and hurry up to this jungle haven, where you can take it as slow as you please.

Photography: Letravelogger | Lisa Danielle

Serene Sanctuaries

Humbly referred to as “bedrooms,” the four individual villas are, in actuality, small masterpieces. Rugged and raw (in the best way possible) on the exterior with weathered wood and thatched-like roofs, these striking buildings are nothing but relaxation and serenity on the interior. Designed to encourage a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors and back again, the villas are airy and open, with nature-inspired furnishings and plenty of places to lounge—including the gorgeous hand-carved bedframes swathed in gauzy fabric. Each space has been constructed using ancient building techniques and traditional materials, making the entire little village feel like a beautiful embrace and reflection of Balinese culture.


Photography: Mimi Albero | OWN Villa Bali

Eat, Sleep, Soak

Though there’s plenty to explore in the adjacent area, you may find yourself so placidly peaceful among the villas you’ll be hard-pressed to leave. A gorgeous teal-tile-bottomed pool sits just in front of the villas, where you can kick back on the lounge chairs and never find a reason to get up—especially since you can arrange for meals to be delivered poolside from the gourmet restaurant. Speaking of which, all the culinary offerings here are fresh, vibrant fusions of Western and Eastern cuisine, with a little of something for everyone. Looking for an extra dose of relaxation?  Join a private yoga class, climb (literally) into the charming spa hut for a massage, or find the tucked-away hot tub for a flower-filled soak.

Photography: indrekalts | OWN Villa Bali

Detox and Renew

Perhaps you’re in need of something a little more intensive than a lazy week of leisure. In that case, look into the Wellness Retreat Program, which offers a dedicated body and soul treatment to detoxify, realign and refresh. The program will provide a healthy regimen of food and juices, private yoga and meditation classes, and a series of different spa treatments including facials, massages and body scrubs. Set in the natural, authentic setting of this Balinese paradise, you’ll undoubtedly come away feeling revitalized, reinvigorated and renewed, both inside and out.

Photography: Andrew BrittonEmily Hutchinson


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