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Birthday Bucketlist
This Chevron Inspired Spot Is Changing Your Spa Experience
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

An old French style of installing floorboards, a parquet pattern covers every surface of this modernist spa and pool design in South Sweden. While the zigzagged chevron pattern varies between white tile and pale timber, the effect is a clean and crisp couple of pools that are utterly dive-worthy located on a property that dates back to the 18th century.

It’s no surprise that this gorgeous installation is trending on design inspiration boards worldwide. 

Photography by Claesson Koivisto Rune


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New Venue Alert
Is This New Venue Going To Be The Coolest Hotspot In L.A.?
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


Did you catch our last Gentlemen Journal Report on the ever-inspiring and jack of all trades, Michael Antonia? If so, you've already heard the hype around his latest new project, Office Party, opening soon in the City of Angels. But as you know, we are all creatively stronger in packs and Michael has the best team by his side. 

With partners from Shark Pigthis trio has dreamt up exciting plans for the space and aims to host a plethora of events including speaking engagements, brainstorming & networking events, movie nights, dance parties, chef driven dinners, coffee pop ups, workshops and more. Watch out L.A.! There's a new venue in town. 

Photography by Jenn Emerling


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Bohemian Restaurant & Bar
Birthday Bucket List of the Week: Go to a Gypset Jungle Disco in Tulum
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush


In the venerable words of Charles Bukowski, “Some men never die and some men never live, but we’re all alive tonight.” Everyone deserves a night that never ends. A night that “runs up [your] wrists, into your head and back down to your gut.”  A night in a seek and you won’t find spectacular hidden spot where the lights are low, the drinks are strong and the entirety of it turns into one of the best stories of your life. Sounds like any Saturday night at your local watering hole, right? NOT. This is a real-life bohemian gypset disco smack in the middle of the Mexican jungle, serving up fresh, local fare & smoky mezcal cocktails with a side of pulse-pounding beats so beautifully perfect your very bones will sing. 

Our #BirthdayBucketList of the week finds us buying a same-day plane ticket, grabbing our bests, something sparkly and gypsetting for twenty-four hours in Tulum, dancing the night away in a jungle disco. A sweet and sweaty night in the middle of a jungle lit only by the light of the moon and the silvery sparkle of a disco ball.  

Photos: Nicole Franzen for Gitano Tulum


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Destination Wedding
A Blindfold, A Shaman, And A Beautiful Couple Are The Recipe For This Gorgeous Guatemalan Wedding
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown


If your version of a gorgeous wedding goes deeper than simply admiring the aesthetics of a beautiful gown and stunning bouquet, this Guatemalan soiree certainly delivers the depth you’ve been on the hunt for. A soul-felt, intimate affair, this Shaman-led ceremony overlooking Lake Atitlan has us feeling truly connected to Mother Earth. And for the visual junkies, the canoe swing boat, blush-toned walls, and classic rustic thatched roof make for some real eye candy too. With its unrefined, rustic approach to architecture and everyday living, Guatemala is the kind of place that feeds your soul. In the case of this couple, Rachael and Jason wanted to share that calming, healing vibe with their closest friends and family, basking in that energy throughout the course of their wedding celebration.

Extraordinary photographer Phil Chester was along for the ride and agreed, “Their wedding was nothing short of magical… it felt remote and as connected to nature as it gets.” The first look, blindfolded, was especially magical for the duo that fell in love during their first trip to Lake Atitlan.

Photography by Phil Chester

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Autumn Wedding
One of the World’s Sweetest Farm Owners Wants to Make Your Wedding Day a Stunning No-Fuss Wonder
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy
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Sweet Meadow Farms

1115 Beech Creek Road, Tallapoosa, Georgia, United States


When a fashion blogger and a southern gentleman get hitched, there's a lot of ground to cover. The wedding day should be rustic, yet stylish; gorgeous, yet not overdone. Luckily, and unsurprisingly, Jess and Dustin nailed it. The best example of the lovebirds keenly strutting such a balancing act had to be the bride rocking a Jenny Packham gown with converse high-tops.

What made the special day so memorable, however, aside from the couple's favorite human beings in the world being there to cheer and congratulate, was the venue itself. A sweetly southern farm that covers 160 acres of Georgia woodland, sprinkled with meadows and ponds, Sweet Meadow Farms stirred up the impression that Jess and Dustin were tying the knot at a beloved relative’s country home.

Words: Melanie Hobart of Sweet Meadow Farms | Photos: Ben And Colleen


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