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Luxury Resort
Birthday Bucket List: Grab Your GIrls & Gypset to this Candy-Colored Caribbean Getaway
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy
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Malliouhana, an Auberge Resort

Malliouhana, An Auberge Resort, Long Bay Village, Anguilla


While there are resorts of all kinds, the word “resort” itself inherently broadcasts the same heavenly scene—pristine beaches, crystal waters, lush palms, and all the time in the world. We think of rummy cocktails the color of sunset. A breeze tumbling across your body.  About how nobody stops smiling.  Definitively, the “good life.”

This week’s #BirthdayBucketList is the beachy magnificence that is Malliouhana, An Auberge Resort as luxurious as it is laid back, as timeless as it is modern. Resting easy in Long Bay Village on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, Malliouhana is the paradise you expect when you the word “resort” sends gleeful shivers down your spine and places fantastical scenes in your mind. It’s a escape for relaxers of all sorts, with architecture that a tycoon would approve and a rum selection that a scoundrel would admire. It’s where everything melts away, leaving you in a zen-like state laid out on the beach or by the pool, wondering how anyone ever goes home. I mean, how is “visiting paradise” not on your bucket list?


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See How Our Very Own Photo Editor Celebrates a Birthday Road Trip to Yosemite
Nathan Mueller
by Nathan Mueller

What's better than a glamping birthday celebration complete with bike rides, hiking to waterfalls along a misted trail and close friends gathering in a iconic national park to celebrate among redwoods? Cheers, Yosemite. 

Our very own photo editor Nathan Mueller not only creates stunning visual editorials for The Venue Report, he also writes for his travel journal Long Live Sundays that celebrates allll the things we love; traveling and gathering with the best people, places and vibes.

Words & Images by Nathan Mueller for The Venue Report x Long Live Sundays

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Travel Feature
Is China on Your Bucket List?
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy


China is so big with so much to offer that it's rare any traveler sees even a fraction of what they’d consider “enough.” Jungle temples, river adventures, intricate alleyways, fantastical mountain ranges, and good eats await any visitor who decides to take in a fair share of Chinese sights, culture, and cuisine. It’s no easy task, but the trek is undeniably worth it. 

As such, the country is diverse enough for a properly executed trip to seem like an exploration through multiple tinier nations. Whether it's chowing down on street food to write home about in the city or beholding breathtaking monuments out in the country, China is surely a colorful escape for the five senses of a westerner.

So when photographer Fiona Caroline traversed China and returned with every photo looking like a postcard or painting, The Venue Report team was thrilled to find out where she went, what she did, and what stayed with her—and then start looking up prices of flights to China.


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Pool Float Product Launch
Pool Party Product Launch With the Babes at The Line Hotel
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush
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The Line Hotel

3515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

When one of the coolest, serious-about-fun, girl-led, bad-a** brands in LA approaches you to help them find the most perfect poolside to host their summer product launch soiree, well, if you're us, you roll up yo sleeves and set to one heckuva hot venue search for a "rosé all day".kinda spot.  We'd been fans of the indomintable Jen Gotch and the #girlgang for some time, so when the opportunity came about to work together, we knew that hotline bling could only mean one thing.... FUN, and lots of it (ok, ok and lots of neon and pool floats). We knew we needed to find the ultimate location that would show off not only the new Outdoor FUN line of products we'd been dreaming of, posting about and well coveting in a maaaaaajor way for all of our poolside par-TAYs, but the inherent spirit of design and forward-thinking so prevalent in the brand. When you NEED a floral day planner, neon bendy straws, rainbow unicorn pool float and an "I Heart Pina Coladas" ring, you know you're onto something special. 

If all the world is a stage, then certainly the venue is the massively important opening act. A hop, skip and a quick cannonball from the heart of Tinseltown in Koreatown we fell in perfect step with the The Line Hotel,  where an unmistakable sense of "cool" and "fun" emanates from it's mid-century bones and it's pedigree reflects the heartbeat of the vibrant city it stands prominently and proudly in the middle of. Perfect.


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Remote Retreat
This Colorado Glamping Venue is More Luxurious Than Most Hotels
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Collective Vail, a Retreat at 4 Eagle Ranch

4098 Highway 131, Wolcott, CO, United States


Picnics, s’mores and the great outdoors! Can we ask for anything more from an amazingly summer getaway?! We think not. A luxury tent camping venue, Vail Collective Retreat is one of the best spots for just such an experience and we’re feeling all the summer nostalgia after flipping through these pictures.

Colorado might be one of the best destinations for people who love to adventure, hike, bike, horseback ride, camp, or simply enjoy all of Mother Nature’s bounty. If the idea of getting back to the land has inspired a trek to the mountains, Vail Collective Retreat could be totally up your alley. While most people think of Vail as a winter destination for skiing and snowboarding, there’s no shortage of awesome things to do in the spring, fall and summertime too. This permanent glamping spot closes up shop for the season this year around October 14th and reopens again around May 11th. So, there’s still a little bit of time left to have that last vacation hoorah of 2016, or start planning next summer’s family getaway.


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