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This Disco Jungle Cocktail Party Was Held In A Downtown Warehouse!
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner
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212 West 12th Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States

The Venue Report team was recently invited to follow the call of the disco ball by the team at Be Inspired PR. Ummmm, who would pass up on that kind of invitation?! Take us to our happy place please. In addition to the promise of disco tunes, delicious food and jungle vibes, we were extra excited to attend this annual #TasselsandTastemakers event because it was being held at one of our fave Los Angeles venues, HNYPT.  

We walked into the stunning and dramatic blank warehouse that is HNYPT ready to rev up our boozing engines. We were promptly greeted with glittery crafted cocktails, suspended palm fronds, neon lava lamps slowly dancing to the music, sparkling fringe hanging from the rafters and tunes blasting from every corner of the sprawling space. This crew of creatives crafted a jaw-dropper one part "Saturday Night Fever" stayin alive and one part bohemian jungle feels. 


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#TVROnTheRoad with Hello America
These Two Camp Experts Traveled The Country And Are Sharing How You Can Too
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


If you've been following along with us this month you're most likely experts on the Hello America story and it's creators. After following their five month journey of life on the road we interviewed Kristen Blanton and Matt Jozwiak to get the inside scoop on how they did it, tips, tricks and advice on how to expand your dollar in the most impactful way so that you too can travel like an expert. 

Lucky for us, we experienced the two adventure-seekers in their natural habitat while taking time to see what a day in the life looks like for Matt and Kristen. 


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Coachella After Party
Recharge Like A V.I.P. At This Pre/After Party for Coachella Weekend 2
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report

Prepare to get swept away in a weekend of fun you'll never forget. Disconnect from reality in a setting that is beyond imagination and explore freely over 700 acres. For the first time ever, Vestal Village will be allowing entry to the general public to a traditionally invite-only VIP event, with a purchase of a ticket to one of their dining experiences that also allows access to all of their other festivities. Is it worth it? You bet your bottom dollar. 

There's no better way to relax and recover than with some good food and company under the stars. This pop-up dinner is all about taking a step back and creating meaningful conversations over a shared meal. All you have to do is select your entrée as you purchase your ticket. Kick off your Sunday right the next morning with a curated brunch buffet. To receive 25% off your ticket price entire our promo code: CELEBRATE. Head here to buy tix for Saturday's pop-up dinner. Head here to buy tix for Sunday's brunch buffet.

Photography + Video by Vestal Village


Coachella's number one after party is here for weekend two of Coachella in Palm Springs

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Woodworking Workshop
This Artist Is Changing The Woodworking World One Instagram At A Time
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report

You probably haven’t given the woodworking world a ton of thought unless you’re following the ultimate wizard of wood, Aleksanda Zee. In that case, you are very very familiar (and probably envious) of this chic’s bada** work and down-to-earth attitude. Known for making beautifully intricate pieces of art, she has built quite the cult following on her Instagram around her unique wood masterpieces. 

This gifted gal is on a one woman mission to change the art of woodworking in what's currently a male dominated field. This is no easy task but Al handles it with poise and creativity like you’ve never seen before. Working with both raw and painted redwood, her artwork is easily distinguishable and far from replicable. Her art has been commissioned for cool kid approved boutique hotel, Urban Cowboy, as well as countless influencers and followers alike.

What happens when she decides to host a workshop to share her creativity with some of her most avid admirers?

Photography by Taryn Kent


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Travel Advice + Tips
This Videographer Quit His Day Job And Is Now Crossing Off Every Travel Goal On His Bucket List
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


We've all daydreamed at some point about quitting our 9-5, hailing a taxi and bolting straight to the airport to check off those #bucketlist travel goals. Ted Willis, former videographer for She Knows and frequent explorer did just that with the research and know-how to back up his itinerary and adventure timeline. 

This past December, Ted strategized how to make his 2017 intention a reality. Now, he's exploring the world with his camera in hand and partnered with us to go behind the lens. "I’m on the hunt to experience cities with the people who live there. Simultaneously I am working to create documentary videos that highlight the beautiful people who find themselves in vulnerable situations around the world" says Ted Willis. Several days a week, he'll be posting travel videos on YouTube - Yep, we found a millennial traveler who's documenting every part of his journey with advice and tips on how to expand your penny and travel like a local. If you aren't already following along on social - You know what to do...  

Photography + Video by Ted Willis


This Videographer Quit His Day Job And Is Crossing Off Every Travel Goal On His Bucket List

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