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Destination Wedding
A Blindfold, A Shaman, And A Beautiful Couple Are The Recipe For This Gorgeous Guatemalan Wedding
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown


If your version of a gorgeous wedding goes deeper than simply admiring the aesthetics of a beautiful gown and stunning bouquet, this Guatemalan soiree certainly delivers the depth you’ve been on the hunt for. A soul-felt, intimate affair, this Shaman-led ceremony overlooking Lake Atitlan has us feeling truly connected to Mother Earth. And for the visual junkies, the canoe swing boat, blush-toned walls, and classic rustic thatched roof make for some real eye candy too. With its unrefined, rustic approach to architecture and everyday living, Guatemala is the kind of place that feeds your soul. In the case of this couple, Rachael and Jason wanted to share that calming, healing vibe with their closest friends and family, basking in that energy throughout the course of their wedding celebration.

Extraordinary photographer Phil Chester was along for the ride and agreed, “Their wedding was nothing short of magical… it felt remote and as connected to nature as it gets.” The first look, blindfolded, was especially magical for the duo that fell in love during their first trip to Lake Atitlan.

Photography by Phil Chester

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Destination Wedding Week
This Couple Just Hosted Everyone’s Dream Tuscan Villa Wedding
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Tuscan villa weddings never cease to inspire. There’s something so magical about that fragrant Italian air, the rich history, and the gorgeous architecture. And Italians seem to host weddings with such an air of simplicity, like it’s no big deal to host a dinner party for fifty or sixty people outdoors, under the clear Tuscan sky. Sara and Patrick’s wedding at Villa Catureglio has us all in total fantasy land over here, what with the Chestnut hunt in the mountains, vineyard tours, and the gorgeous meals they celebrated with.

Sara and Patrick recently filled us in on all the details of their wedding planning from afar. They worked with the creative and brilliant duo, Elyse and Katie, at BW Theory in Austin to make all their great ideas into a reality.

Words by bride, Sara + Katie Moore of BW Theory | Photography by Matthew Moore Photography 

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This Couple Didn’t Know Where They Were Getting Married Until Their Wedding Day And It Was Totally Worth The Wait
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown


Elopements always have an unspoken appeal of the unknown, but this one more than ever. This couple actually had no idea where their ceremony would take place until their photographers arrived on the scene, gave them the scoop on a place they could hike to in their wedding attire, and guided them through snow, sea, horse pastures, and cliffs. To call it an Icelandic adventure seems an understatement, but what an incredible way to start a new life together.

We can’t say enough about the talented duo behind the lenses of this gorgeous wedding in rural Snæfellsnes. Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography do really incredible storytelling in their photography and we couldn’t be more excited to share the story of this wedding from their perspective. It’s just so cool that their clients trust them enough to choose their wedding location at the last possible moment. Here’s the skinny in their words.

Words + Photography: Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography 

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Beachside Gathering
Fall In Love Feast: Part 3 with Saga & Becky + Mike & Melissa
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


Allow us to introduce two of the coolest couples in the game! A chef, an Event Director, Content Director and a Customer Account Specialist - The gangs all here! This panel enjoys all things magical and knows of the best places to jot down for your Fall bucket list, along with narrowing down all the places that are near and dear to their hearts. 

...And If you missed Part 1 and 2 of this Gucci inspired series then you've got some catching up to do, friends! 

Are you ready? Lets get into it...

Photography by Cole Moser 

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See How Our Very Own Photo Editor Celebrates a Birthday Road Trip to Yosemite
Nathan Mueller
by Nathan Mueller

What's better than a glamping birthday celebration complete with bike rides, hiking to waterfalls along a misted trail and close friends gathering in a iconic national park to celebrate among redwoods? Cheers, Yosemite. 

Our very own photo editor Nathan Mueller not only creates stunning visual editorials for The Venue Report, he also writes for his travel journal Long Live Sundays that celebrates allll the things we love; traveling and gathering with the best people, places and vibes.

Words & Images by Nathan Mueller for The Venue Report x Long Live Sundays

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