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Creative Conference
See How These Creatives Turned A Luxury Wedding Conference Into A Dream Vacation
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

For those who haven’t heard about it, Engage! is a traveling event that brings together the wedding industry’s most creative minds in gorgeous settings around the world. Think of it as TedTalks but for people whose businesses depend on them knowing the ins and outs of the luxury market. Magazine editors, bloggers, planners, designers, and photographers from around the world gathered in Puglia, Italy for this year’s Engage!16 to discuss entrepreneurship, design, and more. And of course, they did it in total style, with a series of beautiful, thoughtful, and fun events hosted over three days’ time.

Brought on board as the official Engage!16 photographer, Betsi Ewing captured the stunning setting and the key events of the conference. Here’s the scoop straight from Betsi herself.

Words + Photography by Betsi Ewing


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Cocktail Party
This Is How You Throw A Tulum Inspired Taco Tuesday Party
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

When winter finally gets around to easing up, everyone wants a solid way to transition into warmer seasons. All us adventurers and romantics want is simply a cozy party with friends, possibly outdoors (and a good drink). That’s where the Tequila vs. Mezcal Party comes in like a saving grace.

Such a celebration of agave is well overdue, and it took Layered Vintage partnering up with The Gold Leaf Project to make it happen. The festivities took place in San Diego and the Venue Report was lucky enough to attend. We had an absolute blast and wanted a few more details on how it all came to be. So we scooped an interview with Jill of Layered Vintage and Aly who coordinated the whole thing.

Photography by: Jackie Wonders | Words from Jill of Layered Vintage and Aly of The Gold Leaf Project


Mezcal Vs. Tequila... See What Happens When The Two Host A Taco Tuesday Event

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Rainy Bridal Shoot
Downton Abbey Fans, This Photo Shoot’s For You
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Port Eliot Estate

Port Eliot, Saint Germans, United Kingdom


As any Downton Abbey fan will happily reminisce over, the wedding scene when Lady Mary finally marries Matthew Crawley is easily the most beautiful wedding scene in all of TV history. With the perfect amount of light flooding into the big, airy mansion, and the abundance of gorgeous flowers in an otherwise dark and moody setting, there’s an air of old English gloominess that makes the celebration that much sweeter. You can imagine our excitement when we got our hands on this photo shoot with a similar vibe.

We recently had a fill-us-in session with the shoot’s creative director Amanda Rose of Oak and Cypress and photographer Kristen Marie Parker. The dream team gave us all the details of the inspiration behind this stunning photo series and the incredible property. Spoiler alert: there may or may not have been a sighting of a ghost.

Words + Photos by Kristen Marie Parker

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Destination Wedding Week
This Couple Just Hosted Everyone’s Dream Tuscan Villa Wedding
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Tuscan villa weddings never cease to inspire. There’s something so magical about that fragrant Italian air, the rich history, and the gorgeous architecture. And Italians seem to host weddings with such an air of simplicity, like it’s no big deal to host a dinner party for fifty or sixty people outdoors, under the clear Tuscan sky. Sara and Patrick’s wedding at Villa Catureglio has us all in total fantasy land over here, what with the Chestnut hunt in the mountains, vineyard tours, and the gorgeous meals they celebrated with.

Sara and Patrick recently filled us in on all the details of their wedding planning from afar. They worked with the creative and brilliant duo, Elyse and Katie, at BW Theory in Austin to make all their great ideas into a reality.

Words by bride, Sara + Katie Moore of BW Theory | Photography by Matthew Moore Photography 

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Boutique Hotel
Say Aloha To Waikiki’s Newest 1960s Style Beach Bungalow Motel
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown


A girls getaway weekend would not be complete without a little surf, sun, and style. Enter the brand spankin’ new Surfjack Hotel on Waikiki. This cute boutique hotel, on Hawaii’s favorite throwback island, packs more vintage charm punch than a rock solid beach boys-only playlist. We can totally picture you and the girl squad lounging around in your kaftans, sipping on cocktails, rocking out to rockabilly surf tunes at this cool spot.

Local art, cool surfboards, and nods to Hawaii’s epic surf culture abound at these modern digs. Check out the three-bedroom suites for some slumber party mania that’s way more grown-up than your parents’ basement.
For the DL on the new Surfjack Hotel, we went straight to the source. Here’s what their people have to say about the cool boutique motel.

Words + Photography by The Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club


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