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Fall In Love Feast: Part 4 with Gabe + Sarah
The Venue Report
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South Ponto Beach
South Ponto Beach
Beachside Gathering
Colorful Eclectic
South Ponto Beach
REPORTER: The Venue Report


Well, we are near the end of our Fall in Love series... But not until we share about one more creative power couple! These two recently traveled across the country, trading in city life for beachy hair and palm trees. We are so glad they did! 

If you haven't had the chance to peek Part 1, 2 and 3 - Grab a pen and take a seat. This series was created just for you, friend. Fall is the perfect time for adventure and travel while taking in all it has to offer. Whether that be warming up to your better half in a cozy yurt or dancing in freshly fallen leaves - Take it all in! Man oh man, do we love Fall. 

Photography by Cole Moser 



Share a little bit about yourselves!

Gabe + Sarah: While born on different parts of the country, we were both raised in the desert of the untouchable state, Arizona. We like to keep life interesting, fun and full of surprises. Whether it's getting engaged and married in one day, moving across the country a week later, or simply spending a full afternoon brainstorming and building our own version of Arcosanti/future desert home in virtual reality... We see life as a gift and made a pack to work just as hard as we play. 

Gabe: I am a freelance Animator and Virtual Reality Designer. Favorite architect is Luis Kahn. Favorite surrealist painter Dominique Appia. Favorite food is limes. I LOVE limes. 

Sarah: I am the Art Director for The Venue Report and loving every minute of it. Creating original content, marketing campaigns and gatherings like the Fall in Love series is a slice of what I do at TVR ;) I am the mother to multiple plants in our growing jungle home, currently obsessed with Gucci and dessert rules everything around me. 

Tell us how you fell in love? 

Gabe: I fell in love with a ballerina, what else can I say. When I saw her from the stage I knew.

Sarah: Well, this one won my heart with genuine attention to detail and a little white lie. Long story short, after being introduced, he had told me he had a project that needed my help. After two "meetings" of talking about nothing other than our past, present and more importantly our dreams and goals... He asked me on another "meeting" which was infact a perfectly planned surprise picnic by the lake at sunset, a yummy charcuterie board, wine and one googley eyed girl. I was hooked.


What do love about Fall?

Gabe: Whiskey cocktails, Halloween and that first cold night where you see your breath.

Sarah: Crisp mornings, hot almond pumpkin lattes and layers, bb. All the layers.


Fav Fall activity/s?

Gabe: Drinking a smokey cocktail while eating caramel while watching Edward Scissorhands.

Sarah: Harry Potter marathons, woodsy roadtrips and Halloween with our closest friends... Three years in a row Halloween keeps topping itself! Last year, we visited the picturesque ghost town of New Hope, PA with some of our closest friends. If you are on the East Coast it is a must this Fall! It is a charming, old-fashioned little town full of the best restaurants, antique shops, haunted houses and streets filled with decor and costumes galor on Halloween night. If you have ever wanted to visit Halloweentown - This is your kind of place. 


What are your top 3 Fall venues that you are dying to visit?

Gabe: Moab Under Canvas, Villa Rustica and Italy Airstream Park

Sarah: Coqui Coqui in TulumMonteverdi Tuscany and Amanjena



Bucket list dreams for the holidays?

Gabe: Airstream and Unlimited Data. Plus, my hands on the wheel, a Pacific Coast highway map in my girls hands while blasting Tame Impala as we cruise down the coast...

Sarah: A spontaneous trip to Mexico and San Francisco. Plus, a long weekend in Yosemite! Speaking of... Did you see our Photo Editor's recent trip there? Neeeeeed some Hot Springs in my life! ;) 


Photographer: Cole Moser, @colemoser | Art Direction + Styling: The Venue Report | Decor: Pow Wow Design Studio, @powwowdesignstudio | Plates, Linens + Cutlery: Hostess Haven@hostesshaven

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