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This New Futuristic Hotel Will Change The Way You Travel
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Imagine: You check-in to your hotel suite outfitted with an office, living room, bedroom, bathroom and, of course, all of the luxurious amenities that come along with it. Where is it located? Choose any major city: Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Chicago, Denver, Washington DC and so on. Now, maybe you want to visit more than one of these cities during your vacation so what do you do?

All aboard the Hyperloop Hotel. A transit system-meets-hotel in America’s biggest cities where you can travel to multiple destinations in one day without leaving your hotel room. It's all imagined by Brandon Siebrecht, a graduate architecture student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who wants to make travel a breeze for those on the go. The theory is that your hotel room pod would be propelled through a pressure reduced tube from city to city at speeds faster than an airplane.

Images courtesy of Brandon Siebrecht and Radical Innovation


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