Destination Wedding
If You Want to Have a Gorgeous Wedding in Antigua, Book the Local Ruins
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

There’s a good chance ruins aren’t on your list of dream venues—they’re certainly unconventional—but this wedding will absolutely change your mind. A spirit of class and romance still bounces through these well-kept Antiguan ruins, and lovebirds Adriana and Cesar made sure to fill them with their most fun loved ones for such a joyous celebration. Architecture like this—a stunning masterwork of stone, iron, wood, and brick—holds a timeless beauty for events. Each courtyard and corridor, surrounded by plants or water, presents a remarkable palette of rich, dark colors. Thus, between the oil paintings and full-body statues draped over rock walls, the wedding begins to take on a fable-like quality.

The ceremony itself took place in a hall that looked like a movie set cathedral for a period epic, and the reception seems to have been the party of the year. The wedding’s photo album probably looks like half history book and half fairy tale when put together. To find out more details about such a magical affair, we had a little Q&A with the wedding’s photographer, A Fist Full of Bolts.

Words and Photography by A Fist Full of Bolts


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