Birthday Bucket List
Your Birthday Travel Plans Include Staying At A Palace of Minimalism
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

What’s black, white and grey all over? Nope, this is not a newspaper riddle. Instead, it’s just about the best way to describe the décor of this chic, minimalist hotel in Singapore. The monochromatic color scheme creates a bold design statement, with each room leaving you feeling both tranquil and inspired. When it comes to places we’d like to wake up on our next birthday, Hotel Mono totally fits the bill.

Photography by Hotel Mono


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Travel Advice + Tips
Tips And Tricks Through Traveling Asia With This Millennial Adventure Expert
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


We recently chatted with Ian Agrimis about point, miles and all things Europe. Lucky for you we snagged him for the scoop on his latest adventure through Asia. 

"My passion for traveling grew out of a profound love for aviation. I loved planes, airports and the whole traveling experience from the moment I started traveling by air at a very young age. Fast forward a number of years and I was in college in LA and could see all these big planes flying in to LAX from all over the world, I started thinking that I really needed to get onboard one of these magnificent machines and fly somewhere far outside the US border (which I had done, but it had been a long time). However, since I was in college and had limited funds for far flung international air travel, I discovered the ability to use credit cards to earn tons of miles and points which could be redeemed for aspirational travel experiences." says Ian. Fast forward again, after a number of successful trips financed almost entirely with miles, he was hooked. Couple the passion for traveling with a growing interest in video production, Ian started making videos each time he would go somewhere so that he could share those experiences with others. Documenting his experiences became second nature and sharing his tips and tricks eventually evolved into his new company, Capture Unlimited. Keep scrolling for the deets on of his latest adventure. 

Credits: Ian Agrimis



What prompted this trip?

Ian: This recent trip to Asia was prompted by a sudden realization that there would be a significant amount of time that everyone was free and that the next time that might be the case was unknown. A few calls to a travel agent confirmed space was available on this river boat during the same time everyone was free and the rest is history.


How to get more bang for your buck while traveling Asia

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Group Getaway
Behold The Travel Yogi’s Amazing Adventure At The Ultimate Yoga Retreat in Bhutan
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy
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Amankora Resort, Jakar, Bumthang, Bhutan


To many, the ideal vacation is one of both exploration and relaxation. Most of us aren’t round-the-clock thrill-seekers or constant nappers. Instead, we like to go big and then take it easy. We want to see the big, beautiful world, but we also want to stop to smell the roses—and you need energy to do all the things you want. So, naturally, there’s a good chance you’ll feel better and be way more psyched on adventure if you start and end your day with delicious food and healthy yoga sessions. Get your blood pumping, loose up your muscles, fill your stomach with healthy treats, and prepare to take on the world around you!

This week’s #BirthdayBucketList comes courtesy of The Travel Yogi, who had a downright incredible time while staying at a Bhutanese wellness and yoga retreat. Since Bhutan limits its total availability of annual tourists visas, the country is able more easily maintain as well as sustain their colorful, wondrous culture. Luckily, The Travel Yogi went and, in turn, laid out a terrific 10-day adventure of fun and rest, based on the team’s journey as well as venue deets (yes, Amankora always has us drooling) and some insider's information providing everything you need to know before booking the ultimate yoga retreat.


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