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Birthday Bucket List
We’ve Found Urban Glamping Paradise and It’s in Melbourne
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

If a trip to the land down under is something you’ve always wanted to do for a birthday extravaganza, we’ve got just the place for you. High up on a rooftop in Australia’s most liveable city, sits an urban glamping paradise that’s a must-stay during your Melbourne adventure. St. Jerome’s – The Hotel is located in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District, making it prime real estate for city views and exploring the lively, art-filled downtown area. Camping? Nah, not really. Luxury camping on a rooftop? Yep, that’s more b-day worthy.


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How To
Transform Your Charcuterie Board With This (Fancy) Cheese Lovers Recipe
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


The turn of the seasons is almost upon us and best celebrated together, perhaps with an Endless Summer party for those not ready to say goodbye or a Welcome Party for those celebrating fall’s rebirth. Whichever your choice, a transitional gathering is key for the season. The setting? Take it to the water’s edge with an open fire and create your feast.

Australian WILD Chef and traveler, Sarah Glover, is inspiring these thoughts with her very own waterfront feast that you can find amongst her other culinary adventures in her soon-to-be released cookbook. She gave us an exclusive, inside look into her intimate beachside banquet along with two heavenly recipe sneak peeks. The first is her Chargrilled Cheeses with Endive and Wild Honeycomb Platter - not only capable of inducing instant mouth-watering, it looks positively divine once done up. The second is The Hung Pork with Lemon Leaves and Blistered Grapes cooked while hanging over an open flame complete with a healthy splash pinot noir. Who's hungry?  

Photography by Luisa Brimble


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Australia's New Urban Hotel Will Have You Living Like a Local
by Scout

We have all heard the saying, “Do as the locals do.” The creators of Alex Hotel had this exact notion in mind; a modern destination created by locals for travelers. If you are headed down under to enjoy Perth, Australia's urban landscape, Alex Hotel will place you in the heart of the city. Did we mention their emphasis on communal spaces? Their Mezzanine Lounge and Roof Terrace makes checking into this colorful warehouse-style destination all the more appealing. 

We have just the question to ask you: “When in Perth?”

Photography by Alex Hotel


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Church / Chapel / Temple
A Tipi Woodland Wedding At A Historic Chapel Venue In New South Wales
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy
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St Josephs Guest House

1029 St Albans Rd, Central Macdonald, New South Wales, Australia

St. Joseph's Guesthouse is like an old dream that stays with you. An intimate Australian chapel, wonderfully strengthened by history and dynamically surrounded by a grassy landscape, the forest gem enthralls couples and guests alike. It practically sings from the hilltop. Sneakily tucked in the Lower MacDonald Valley, the restored five-bedroom family-owned stone getaway invites you with a charm that seems to transcend centuries, a vibrant relic that welcomes the art of conversation over grand feast. But there’s a plunge pool and deck with a barbecue, so imagine Game of Thrones with a bed and breakfast twist.


St Joesph's Guesthouse

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Estate / House / Mansion / Villa
History Lesson: How This Talented Designer Turned An Old Barn Into A Dream Venue
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush

There are those among us who possess the uncanny ability to see dusty, perhaps wilted structures as future style stars and the old bones of historic homes as bohemian beauties to-be. However it takes more than a keen eye to breathe new life into old barns and historic homes. Lynda Gardener and Mark Smith are two such people that possess the talent and magic to carefully craft spectacularly breathtaking spaces. We were already clued into their beautiful bespoke style as they own  The Estate Trentham White House Daylesford and White Room Fitzroy. The three properties that are so lovely, that upon first glance it seems as if they are inspirational images styled for a home decor magazine. One would not imagine that these houses are actually available for the public to experience. 

We were fortunate enough to speak with Lynda, who's interior design is unmatched in the way she is able to tell a story through style. The Estate Trentham, caught our eye in particular as it's not just an accommodation for getaways but includes a beautiful, onsite events barn for intimate gatherings and a lush, private garden for outdoor dining.


Lynda Gardener's The Estate by Trentham

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