Egypt Wedding
A Magical Wedding Adventure Through the Sparkling Land of Egypt
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

Once upon a time, a beautiful German woman working abroad in Egypt fell in love with a handsome Egyptian man. Flash forward to their non-traditional, non-denominational wedding, with the bride a Christian, the groom a Muslim, and together one of the most stunning couples to ever tie the knot. International love stories like these make for some pretty gorgeous photography. This love story is no different. When Susi and Omar ultimately decided to get hitched, they recruited an Australian photographer to capture their love and special day in the country where they started as lovebirds.

Based in Melbourne, Eric Ronald and his partner Katie Harmsworth flew to Egypt to shoot what they described as “a particularly special wedding.” Ronald was thrilled by the chance to shoot at such dazzling locations landmarks. It was one heck of a lineup of backgrounds too—Saqqara Pyramids (Cairo), The Great Pyramids of Giza (Cairo), Khan el-Khalili Market (Cairo), La Maison Bleue Resort (El Gouna). So we decided to chat up Eric about what he saw from behind the camera and talk to Susi about celebrating with Omar amid Egypt’s grandeur.

Words + Photography by Eric Ronald


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