Travel Feature
Is China on Your Bucket List?
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy


China is so big with so much to offer that it's rare any traveler sees even a fraction of what they’d consider “enough.” Jungle temples, river adventures, intricate alleyways, fantastical mountain ranges, and good eats await any visitor who decides to take in a fair share of Chinese sights, culture, and cuisine. It’s no easy task, but the trek is undeniably worth it. 

As such, the country is diverse enough for a properly executed trip to seem like an exploration through multiple tinier nations. Whether it's chowing down on street food to write home about in the city or beholding breathtaking monuments out in the country, China is surely a colorful escape for the five senses of a westerner.

So when photographer Fiona Caroline traversed China and returned with every photo looking like a postcard or painting, The Venue Report team was thrilled to find out where she went, what she did, and what stayed with her—and then start looking up prices of flights to China.


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