LOCATION: Colombia

Birthday Bucket List
Diary Of A Girls Getaway Birthday Bash: Entry #1 - Cartagena, Colombia
Michaela Trimble
by Michaela Trimble


When we were little lads and lassies birthdays meant goodie bags, milkshakes and flowers in our hair. As we've grown up our goodie bags become suitcases, milkshakes morph into cocktails on a plane ride to somewhere cool and we STILL and will ALWAYS wear flowers in our hair. So there.

Case in point are these two birthday twins. What is a 'birthday twin' you ask? Well, when two talented ladies come together over creativity and find out they also share the same birthday, coincidence seems like the wrong word and fate fits nicely. For these two, it turns into a birthday-twin-girls-getaway to South America. This #babesinsouthamerica birthday bash is going to be a fun one to follow because these ladies are true talents and adventurers. Their names also both happen to start with the letter ‘M’. (We think it stands for 'magical.') Michaela is one heck of a talented travel writer and Marianna is a crazy good photographer. Birthday buddies for life. 

This is Diary Entry #1 of #5, starting with sunny skies and skinny palms in Cartagena, Colombia.


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