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A Frequent Flier's Pro Secrets to Saving Money With Travel Points
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report

Allow us to introduce you to Ian Agrimis. A millennial traveler, adventure enthusiast AND a whiz when it comes to how to use his air miles and points to their fullest potential. Ian's travel experience originally came from years of working with Go Pro and using their products while on his excursions (seen below in most recent European adventure). Now, Ian specializes in helping others get the most bang for their buck using his very own trials, errors and successes. 

Obviously, we had to tap this mastermind's brain! And don't worry, if you are still a tad confused on how this all works, you are not alone. But you'll have to keep scrolling to see how you can get one-on-one custom assistance from the expert himself. 


GoPro Travel Experience: Switzerland and Prague Edition

Cover Image: Félix Bossé


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Treasured Country Churches
Move Over Glamping, we present the new trend,“Champing”
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

When I was a boy, I’d go camping with my family every summer, and, on hikes, I’d find my father taking moments to stare off into the wild green and soulful brown of the woods. Each year, he was astounded by the solitude, and each year, he’d tell us, “This is my church.”

Camping does that to you. It restrings your heart like a guitar.


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Hotel / Resort / Spa
Creepily Cool Photos of Abandoned Hotels. Would you Host a Party here?
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Imagine if the most luxurious, opulent hotel you’ve ever seen just closed its doors one day and left everything inside as it was.  Now imagine entering those same doors twenty, even thirty years later; what kind of time capsule you’d find, how the earth and dust would settle over the interiors and exteriors.  It’s all very I Am Legend, right?  Well, Austrian photographer Thomas Windisch documented such a series of encounters across 12,000 miles of Europe that includes photos of 100 hotels that have been abandoned and left to the elements. 


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