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Tropical Friendsgiving
How To Upgrade Your Annual Friendsgiving To A Tropical Tacosgiving
Heather Ash
by Heather Ash

It's that time of year where gathering and celebrating kick into high gear. We come together as friends and family to reminisce about the memories of 2016 and what's to come in 2017. Even though this season is about celebrating and connecting, it's all too easy to get caught up in the flurry of places to be and people to see. How do you slow down and truly appreciate everything and everyone around you? Cue friendsgiving.

Friendsgiving is by no means a new concept so how to do you make it fresh and unexpected? Maybe you ditch the traditional turkey and accoutrements for tacos with tropical flair, making the ultimate tacosgiving. Check the hostess stress at the door and hire a local caterer to whip up some gourmet Thanksgiving tacos with all of the fixings, or host your friendsgiving after Thanksgiving and use up all your leftovers (bye, cold turkey sandwiches)! Make it fun and swap the copper moscow mule mugs for pineapples with drink umbrellas. Think of it as the ultimate fall fiesta. 

Photography by Kate Becker Photography


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New Travel
West Elm is Opening Hotels All Over The States And They’re Going To Be So Rad!
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown


As if we couldn’t be more obsessed with the retail brand West Elm, they’ve gone and blown us away by announcing they’re launching a hotel line. While we’re totally psyched to see what the rooms will look like, we’re even more stoked about their concept and approach to gathering. The West Elm Hotel brand is making efforts to establish meeting places for locals and tourists alike in each of their new hotel locations, with an emphasis on supporting each city’s local art scene and bringing together creatives from both near and far.

With five locations set to open in 2018, the West Elm Hotel brand has chosen to kick off in cities with serious design and history street cred. For the industrialist, the Midtown Detroit location will offer 135+ rooms on Cass Avenue. For the historic registry buff, the North Loop Minneapolis location will feature 120+ rooms in a former warehouse set in the Warehouse Historic District filled with old milling and shipping facilities. For the Southern preservationist, the Savannah location in the Bull Street Corridor is set to open up 100+ rooms, gorgeous gardens, a pool, a retail shop, and a restaurant on Drayton Street. For the artisan, the Charlotte location in the South End will be a hub for creatives that offers up a rooftop pool, 150+ rooms, and a lounge bar that’s all about Sunday gatherings. And lastly, for the culture buff, the Indianapolis location will be housed in an old Coca-Cola bottling plant with a rooftop bar, 120+ rooms, and easy access to the museums and galleries the North Mass Ave Corridor is known for.

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