LOCATION: Guatemala

A Blindfold, A Shaman, And A Beautiful Couple Are The Recipe For This Gorgeous Guatemalan Wedding
Alyssa Brown
No. 27022
Isla Verde Hotel
Destination Wedding
Richly Colored Tropical
Eco-Friendly Hotel
REPORTER: Alyssa Brown


If your version of a gorgeous wedding goes deeper than simply admiring the aesthetics of a beautiful gown and stunning bouquet, this Guatemalan soiree certainly delivers the depth you’ve been on the hunt for. A soul-felt, intimate affair, this Shaman-led ceremony overlooking Lake Atitlan has us feeling truly connected to Mother Earth. And for the visual junkies, the canoe swing boat, blush-toned walls, and classic rustic thatched roof make for some real eye candy too. With its unrefined, rustic approach to architecture and everyday living, Guatemala is the kind of place that feeds your soul. In the case of this couple, Rachael and Jason wanted to share that calming, healing vibe with their closest friends and family, basking in that energy throughout the course of their wedding celebration.

Extraordinary photographer Phil Chester was along for the ride and agreed, “Their wedding was nothing short of magical… it felt remote and as connected to nature as it gets.” The first look, blindfolded, was especially magical for the duo that fell in love during their first trip to Lake Atitlan.

Photography by Phil Chester

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