This Couple Didn’t Know Where They Were Getting Married Until Their Wedding Day And It Was Totally Worth The Wait
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown


Elopements always have an unspoken appeal of the unknown, but this one more than ever. This couple actually had no idea where their ceremony would take place until their photographers arrived on the scene, gave them the scoop on a place they could hike to in their wedding attire, and guided them through snow, sea, horse pastures, and cliffs. To call it an Icelandic adventure seems an understatement, but what an incredible way to start a new life together.

We can’t say enough about the talented duo behind the lenses of this gorgeous wedding in rural Snæfellsnes. Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography do really incredible storytelling in their photography and we couldn’t be more excited to share the story of this wedding from their perspective. It’s just so cool that their clients trust them enough to choose their wedding location at the last possible moment. Here’s the skinny in their words.

Words + Photography: Cole and Jakob of Nordica Photography 

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