Sunday Bruch Bucket List Of The Week: Meet us at Milktooth in Indianapolis
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush

The Report

By now, you’ve probably gathered that for us, brunch isn’t simply a weekend ritual. While some, in the veritable words of Beyonce are waiting for someone to “put a ring on it” – we’re just over here hoping someone will put an egg on it. Truth. We’re obsessed to the point of worshiping at the altar of sweet & savory, mimosa on the side, please.  There’s something about a runny egg, a beautifully considered pastry on a plate coupled with a salty-rimed cocktail, brimming with briny vegetables, A-OK - albeit encouraged, to drink during daylight hours that just speaks to the furthest reaches of our souls.  We think we’ve found our brunch-obsessed spirit animal in this week’s #BrunchBucketList pick of the week – coming to you straight from Indianapolis in the heartland of the Midwest.  


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