Birthday Bucket List
Birthday Bucket List of the Week: Glamour & Intrigue Aboard A High-Speed Gathering Space
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush

For this week’s fabulous #BirthdayBucketList, it is the journey itself that calls to us. A sweet sojourn harkening back to a time when life moved at a slower pace and glamour, drama and luxurious detail were in high demand while traveling… not simply upon arriving.  With the advent of technology we can be on the other side of the world in mere hours. While the thrill of travel is certainly alive and well, especially with the prevalence of social media – where one is able to peek into the farthest corners of the world with the swipe of a finger, the journey itself has lost a bit of it’s luster.


Belmond Luxury Trains

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Camping / Glamping
Glamorous Camping in True Irish Fashion
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner

The Report

The Report

The ancient beauty of Ireland shines gloriously throughout the pristine grounds of the Rock Farm Slane: an idyllic expanse of soft rolling hills, green pastures and wooded groves perched on the lush Boyne River. This boutique camping and ecotourism destination opened in mid-2013, but Alex Mount Charles’ family has called the estate home for more than 300 years. The property includes a working organic farm where cattle roam freely on most of the pasture. Just across the river sits the centuries-old Slane Castle, which produces its own brand of whiskey with barley grown right on the estate grounds—who says “eco-friendly” can’t apply to delicious libations?!   Alex and his wife Carina took 150 acres of the property to create this ultimate eco-tourist destination dedicated to the ethos of “leave no trace.” This is carried out in nearly every aspect of the glamping experience, from the rain water collected for showers to the composting of waste to the wood stoves used for cooking food that is grown and reared right on the farm.   This little slice of Irish heaven offers full-scale private events, “glamping” in luxury yurts and shepherd huts, and a nearly endless list of activities on and around the estate. Whether you’re looking for a serene, natural backdrop for your nuptials, or a unique group getaway, Rock Farm Slane has an unforgettable experience in store.   How will my guests get here? From the Dublin Airport, Dublin Port, or Dublin City Center, you’ll take a scenic drive through long stretches of green pastures and Ireland’s picturesque natural beauty, arriving at Rock Farm Slane in about 45 minutes. Traveling here from Belfast takes less than an hour and a half.

Images courtesy of The Rock Farm Slane and Chris Huston Photo

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