Girls Getaway
These Best Friends Just Took The Ultimate Girls Getaway
Michaela Trimble
by Michaela Trimble

After our grand tour of South America, photographer Marianna Jamadi and I needed another girl’s getaway. We wanted to go closer to home, yet far enough away to become entrenched in the Latin culture we both hold dear. Meeting in the middle – with myself coming from the East Coast and Marianna coming from the West Coast – we continued our journey in Cabo San Lucas, a Mexican cultural hub attracting plenty of American visitors each year and a locale with an enticing, mountainous coastline, perfect for our adventurous souls.

Written by Michaela Trimble | Photography by Marianna Jamadi


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Boutique Hotel
There's A Hidden Jungle Hotel In The Middle Of Mexico City With A Rootop Lounge
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report

When your Mom’s turning 60 and it’s time for the ultimate mother-daughter celebration outside of the states but not off of the continent, where do you go? Channel your inner Frida and hop a plane to Mexico City to explore the historic and buzzing town filled with art and culture from your home base in the chic and spirited neighborhood of Condesa.

Perched on a corner in a 1928 French neoclassical building overlooking the lush Parque España sits the equally charming and fresh Hotel Condesa DF.

Photography and words by Teal Thomsen


This vibrant hotel in Mexico is available to rent for your next birthday party!

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Birthday Bucketlist
There’s A Bubble Hotel In The Vineyards of Mexico Where You Can Gaze At 5 Million Stars
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Located in the wine-centric region of Baja California, this Mexican glamping spot is a creative and fresh take on the typical canvas tent camp. You can spend your b-day weekend at Campera Hotel in a clear-span bubble tent in the middle of a vineyard. Just you, your best travel buddy, a real comfy bed, and about five million stars. How’s that for a bucket list worthy birthday extravaganza?

If you haven’t heard, Baja is the next hot destination for food and wine aficionados. As many of the roads are unpaved and wineries yet to be discovered by the masses, there’s serenity unlike any other wine region we’ve visited.

Photography: Campera Hotel


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Guide To Tulum
The Ultimate Guide to Tulum In Four Days
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


The Mexican state of Quintana Roo is no doubt one of the best places to travel from November to January due to the warm temperatures and gorgeous beaches. Home to second largest barrier reef, Mexico’s Caribbean coast runs the gamut of sites to see and exploring. From the touring the ancient Mayan temples and pyramids, deep diving adventures in magical cenotes, hopping around jungle bars to relaxing just outside the jungle on endless white sand beaches with crystal blue water at your fingertips, Mexico has so much to offer to every type of vacationer - whatever your style. 

Our Art Director, Sarah recently ventured up to popular hotspot, Tulum to experience the Maya culture, indulge in it's tropical paradise and get the full scoop! Her vision of a well spent vacation complete with the perfect amount of adventure, shopping, site-seeing, tasting local cuisine and of course rest and relaxation comes to life as she shares all about how she made the most of her trip by covering every to-do within 4 days during her stay in the Yucatán Peninsula. Whether it’s a family vacation at an all inclusive, destination wedding, girl’s weekend, romantic getaway, or spring break, Tulum is an unexpected destination for your next foliage filled getaway. .


The Ultimate Guide to Tulum In Four Days

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Bohemian Restaurant & Bar
Birthday Bucket List of the Week: Go to a Gypset Jungle Disco in Tulum
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush


In the venerable words of Charles Bukowski, “Some men never die and some men never live, but we’re all alive tonight.” Everyone deserves a night that never ends. A night that “runs up [your] wrists, into your head and back down to your gut.”  A night in a seek and you won’t find spectacular hidden spot where the lights are low, the drinks are strong and the entirety of it turns into one of the best stories of your life. Sounds like any Saturday night at your local watering hole, right? NOT. This is a real-life bohemian gypset disco smack in the middle of the Mexican jungle, serving up fresh, local fare & smoky mezcal cocktails with a side of pulse-pounding beats so beautifully perfect your very bones will sing. 

Our #BirthdayBucketList of the week finds us buying a same-day plane ticket, grabbing our bests, something sparkly and gypsetting for twenty-four hours in Tulum, dancing the night away in a jungle disco. A sweet and sweaty night in the middle of a jungle lit only by the light of the moon and the silvery sparkle of a disco ball.  

Photos: Nicole Franzen for Gitano Tulum


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