LOCATION: Minnesota

A Ribbon Workshop Worth Dyeing Over
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

If ever you’ve been tasked with sourcing ribbons for bouquets, gift wrapping, attire, or anything else, you know what a challenge it can be to find just the right colors in a fabric that’s display worthy. Silk ribbons are particularly hard to come by, and calligrapher Shasta Bell knows all about that dilemma. While working in invitation design, she realized how tough it was to find beautifully hued silk ribbons, so she started hand dyeing her own using natural botanical and plant-based dyes.

Fast-forward a few handmade dye recipes later, and Miss Bell developed a workshop for lovers of naturally colored silk ribbon to get together and learn her tricks of the trade. Documented by photographer Kristen Dyer (aptly named, no?), the event took place at Fisk Collab in Minneapolis. We can’t believe what vivid colors she was able to create using berries, plants, flowers, avocados, and the like. Jump below for the full scoop on natural dyes from Shasta and to take a peek at the photos by Kristen.

Words by Shasta BellPhotography Kristin Dyer


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