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Real Women Report
How This Woman Built A Media Network Of 18 Million Women Across The World
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

With millions of women around the world feeling inspired to action via the Women’s March on Washington, we’ve been scoping out various women’s networks that connect individuals across various backgrounds and ethnicities. Mogul, a worldwide platform of information sharing and social interaction, is currently at the top of our list. Reaching 18 million women per week, across 196 countries, this media platform is a force we’re excited to learn more about.

Founder Tiffany Pham (who’s only 30 by the way, *and* taught herself to code via late night sessions at her kitchen table) recently sat down to give us the whole story behind Mogul and what it means to be a female entrepreneur in the world of start-up tech. Her best advice for building community? “Be kind. Be authentic. Be generous.” We couldn’t agree more. Skip below for more tips and thoughts from Tiffany on what it is to be a true leader.


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International Women's Day
This Fierce Female Powerhouse Is a True Champion On International Women's Day & Everyday
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner

Hi guys, Cortnie here, co-founder of The Venue Report, wishing you a happy #InternationalWomensDay! This day marks the celebration commemorating the ongoing movement for women's rights. Today, more than ever, we are celebrating women throughout history but want to spotlight a very special modern day boss lady, Fran Hauser. 

A few years ago when I was starting out on my journey with The Venue Report, I felt very alone in the startup landscape. Why? The startup world by nature can be a lonely place but I had also ventured into this realm that was (and still is) male dominated. We first started in a startup incubator led by male advisors, we were pitching male venture funds and we were meeting male mentors. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE all of these amazing men we have met and created relationships with - they have not only been the best confidants but also crucial to our startup success. Still, I ached and longed for a female to chat with about well, being a female and a mom within this fast-paced fundraising world. One day after asking advisors if they knew any awesome females I could connect with, I soon had an email intro connecting me with Fran Hauser. A week after this email introduction, I was nervously on the phone with Fran, the former President of Digital at Time Inc. Yep, the former President of Digital at Time. Inc! Now, let me fangirl for a minute: She is known for many career moments including her role at building People.com, Entertainment Weekly and InStyle. She had served as VP of AOL's Programming Group as well as an advisor to many huge consumer facing companies, she had been named one of the Six Most Powerful Women in New York City's Tech Scene by Refinery29 and honored with one of 40 Women to Watch Over 40. The accolades go on and on. No big deal right? 

After chatting with Fran, I discovered her selfless passion for mentoring female entrepreneurs. She is passionate about advocating for women across the globe and often speaks on such topics. Over the past few years Fran has always given me time to chat with her on the phone and even meet up with her for coffee when I am in New York, her home base. She has no reason to spend this time with me other than the fact she truly wants to help. Fran is a rare and inspirational woman who is the true definition of a mentor. Women like Fran are why we have come so far as females in 2017. Today, we honor women across the globe and celebrate women like Fran who are actively paving the way. Did we mention that she was honored as a Global Champion of Women On International Women's Day?! We could go on forever with our glowing intro, but now let's hear from Fran herself on her successes, current ventures and advice to fellow female entrepeneurs. 


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Valentine's Day Ideas
The Staycationers: Tips And Tricks For The Ultimate Valentine's Date With The Whole Gang (Boys Allowed)
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


This Valentine's Day we are taking notes from none other then The Staycationer's leading ladies, Cyndi and Celine. Ever wonder how you can combine Valentine's and Galentine's (say that 10 times fast) into the same night? These gals did it with class, style, no stress and are here to give us the scoop. 

NYC's very own sexy and sophisticatd The Smyth, A Thompson Hotel played host to The Staycationers and their beaus triple date and if one thing is for sure. Location is key to copying and pasting this night to remember with the ones that matter most - Your whole gang!

Photography by Vanessa Granda


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This Guy Planned A Big Central Park Proposal & A Surprise Wedding That Came The Next Day
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy


Although weddings are spectacular, unforgettable festivals of love, where any and all have the best of times, actually planning the deal is tough. You have to account for a million things, from guest list to centerpieces to song selection. You visit more venues than you knew existed and you try more food than you ever expected, always returning home to discuss those very many, very tiny details with each other for what seems like an eternity.

But what if you could skip all that and still have the wedding of your dreams? It sounds impossible, but a man named Brock did just that for his lady love, Molly Kate. He delivered a wild, romantic, and surprise two-day celebration, all to blow her away. Brock was so sure Molly Kate would marry him that he already had the wedding ready to go for the day after the proposal, family and all.

Their New York elopement makes for one heck of a love story, and we had to ask how such a big, crazy deal came to be pulled off so perfectly.


Photography by Joel Alexander


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Floating Oyster Bar
Birthday Bucket List: Have Your Next Bday Dinner on a Floating Oyster Bar in New York
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy


This week’s #BirthdayBucketList is New York City’s favorite oyster bar. Where to score the best oysters in the Big Apple is debatable, but as far as ambiance goes, it’s downright impossible to beat Grand Banks Oyster Bar—and that’s because it’s hosted on a revitalized mid-century wooden ship known as the Sherman Zwicker.

Watching a sunset sink its fiery skin into the ocean from the New York City waterfront should be—and likely is—on everyone's bucket list. In the warmer seasons, is there a better way to appreciate the good life than toasting your friends or family with a rich blend of grand colors before you and the greatest city skyline ever behind you? No, probably not. Plus, there’s a cocktail menu and oysters!


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