Brunch Bucket List
You Have to See This Greenery Covered Glass Café in Brooklyn
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Loosies Kitchen & Cafe

91 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Leave it to Brooklyn to give us all the heart-eyed emoji feels with a cool greenery-covered-glass café overlooking the city streets. Hello, gawgeous.

A #bucketlistbrunch should have a few highlights: fabulous food and drinks (obvi), the best of the best company, a beautiful space and plenty to do nearby. Enter Loosie’s Café, which easily meets all of our choice requirements.


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Styled Shoot
This Vintage Inspired Hotel Let's You Experience Paris Without Getting On A Plane
by Scout

The NoMad Hotel in New York City is giving us dark and mysterious vibes and photographer Emily Kirke couldn’t agree more - The hotel's Beaux-Arts building served as the timeless backdrop for her wedding-inspired shoot. The photoessay starts in one of the NoMad rooms featuring a claw foot tub and ends at the opulent Library Bar.

As the couple advances towards their nuptials, we can’t help but fall in love with the vintage Parisian accents of The NoMad Hotel - and the way Emily Kirke so romantically captures them. We chatted with her about standout moments of the shoot, favorite features of the venue (distressed leather, anyone?!) and a little history and design insight into what makes the NoMad hotel so alluring.

Words and photography by Emily Kirke


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Real Women Report
Real Women Report: The Founder Of Taste The Style Just Opened New York's Coolest Wellness Destination
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report

This week's #RealWomenReport is all about one of our favorite girl bosses that just opened New York City's newest wellness hot spot. Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton and her team of innovative wellness seekers saw a need in the bustling streets of NYC when it comes to on-the-go TLC for busy people. Cyndi sought to bring, "a downtown escape for city dwellers seeking a modern path to total relaxation with style, character, and ease." Well, this beautiful (and totally convenient) spot does just that. Chillhouse brings the trifecta of a day well spent to the Lower East Side with a cafe, nail and body focused menu with a light and airy, yet modern vibe designed by EAU.

No stranger to the hustle of entrepreneurship, Cyndi is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Taste The Stylea lifestyle blog and brand for the modern working woman. With a forward thinking mindset, Cyndi has a keen eye for discovering unfulfilled markets (on more than one occasion) and expertly offered a solution with her savvy girlboss style. We caught up with her about her newest endeavor on brining well deserved R&R to The Big Apple. 

Photography + Words: Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton of Chillhouse


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Girl's Staycation
The Ultimate Staycationers’ Sleepover at NYC’s Latest Hot Spot, 11 Howard
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

In New York City, there are a million cool things happening at once. It seems impossible to keep track of the stylish and spectacular and, at times, feels like a full-time job just to know the name of the Big Apple’s latest go-to. If you’re a month behind, it might as well be a year.

Alas, not all of us are lucky enough to have voguish friends who know all the hip spots and good deals—especially ones that are wildly fun and yet so down to earth. That’s why we absolutely couldn’t resist talking to the charismatic girls of Taste The Style about their “Staycationers” series. The angle for their series is simple; stay in awesome NYC hotels and blog about it. Honestly, what better gig is there to have in the City of the World?

This time around, the ladies kicked it at SoHo's newest luxury hotel, 11 Howard. So we at the Venue Report put ourselves on a mission to unveil the ins and outs of THE STAYCATIONERS night life, hoping to learn how to recreate the ultimate sleepover they seem to have down to a science. And it made for one heck of a Q&A!

Photography by Daniela Spector for THE STAYCATIONERS 


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Bar / Club / Lounge
History Lesson: How one Man Renovated this Mansion and Private Club in Lower Manhattan
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Norwood Club

Norwood, West 14th Street, New York, NY, United States

Walking through the streets of Manhattan, it’s easy to forget to look up at the architecture surrounding you and almost easier to forget that only 160 years ago, so much of it didn’t even exist yet.  It’s so hard to imagine now, especially with all the traffic and hubbub on 14th Street, but there was once a time when the area to the west of Union Square was seen as not only luxurious and fashionable, but this was a place to get away from the city madness. 


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