Hey Sista Workshop
Real Women Report: Femme Photogs, We’ve Got A Workshop You’ll Want To Sign Up For
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Today, our Real Women Report features a girl gang that’s producing all-female workshops for photographers in the wedding industry. Sound up your alley? Yep, we thought this would be a #RealWomenReport you’d find interesting. These small group gatherings of ten women are equal parts community building, retreat, learning and enjoyment. The workshops take place over four days and are filled with shooting, editing and inspiration, with a focus on women supporting one another through a growing network of small businesses.

With ladies joining in on the action from all corners of the world, the Hey, Sista community is diverse and welcoming. Here’s the story behind these events, straight from the founders of this sisterhood.

Photography by Lauren Apel + Allison Harp

Hey Sista Workshop Portland Oregon

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