LOCATION: Portugal

Hotel / Resort / Spa
Areias do Seixo: A Magical Gathering Surrounded By Sand Dunes, Sparkling Sea, & Lush Forest!
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush
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Areias do Seixo Hotel

Póvoa de Penafirme, Portugal

There are places in the world where time stands still. Where man and nature come together so harmoniously – everything hums and breathes as though it has always been so and it will always be so. Areias do Seixo or “Pebble Sands” in English, is a one of these types of special places, situated in Santa Cruz, less than one hour from Lisbon, Portugal and uniquely surrounded by the sea, sand dunes and magical forest.  It’s one of those places that seems to rise up from the earth seamlessly, it’s sustainability and commitment to the environment  so purposeful that It exudes from it’s very pores.  


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