LOCATION: Rhode-island

Host a Holiday Clambake on an Orchard
Cortnie Fausner
No. 17810
Sweet Berry Farm
Middletown, Rhode Island
Field / Forest / Orchard
Fruit Farm Fête
Rolling Apple Orchards & Sloping Fields
REPORTER: Cortnie Fausner

Are you in a holidaze from spiked cider galore and one too many servings of grandma's mashed potatoes? Well this fruit farm fête filled with pumpkins is chock full of holiday goodness that should take your mind off of your food coma and shopping craze. Seasons eatings! We can just smell the scents of pine needles and pumpkins wafting through these pics, which is appropriate because you can even pick out your own Christmas tree at this venue! Imagine throwing an event right before the holidays and allowing your guests to nab their trees at the same time. What a unique and unforgettable touch that would be!


sweet berry farm rhode island

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