LOCATION: Scotland

Castle / Chateau / Manor
Modern Wedding Romance Set in Old Scottish Highland Church Ruins
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

We recently had a little chat with the amazing photographer and videographer Liron Erel about a wedding he captured in the Scottish Highlands and it has us all starry-eyed over this stunningly beautiful part of the world. Set in an old castle that dates back to the thirteenth century, this wedding is like a walk back in time.

A bit bohemian and more than a little stylish, this couple exchanged their wedding vows in the walled ruins of an old church on the grounds of Blair Castle that looks straight up to the sky. Guests dined in the main castle and ended the night with a dance party even J.Lo would be jealous of. The starkly beautiful contrast of the couple's wedding attire (bright blues & sequins, hello) with the stunning natural backdrop and foggy day conjurs up a scene usually reserved for a massively curated editorial piece. As we say around here, sometimes, life just gets it right. 


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