LOCATION: South-africa

Converted Grain Silo
Cape Town is Seriously Trending With This Cool Architectural Hotel Overlooking The Harbor
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Known for its culinary crowd, art scene and easy access to wine country, Cape Town is a mecca for travelers looking to get an urban experience in South Aftrica. Making waves in the Cape Town hotel industry, the Silo Hotel is a new luxury waterfront hotel that sits above a contemporary museum. With cool architecture that dates back to the 1920s getting some very modern updates (hello, pillowy steel windows!), this spot just opened in March and is already trending worldwide.

Photography: The Silo


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A Wedding in the Streets of Johannesburg
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

Skylines have always kickstarted our hearts. At any time, they stun—either a lordly beacon to inform your place in daylight or a twinkling assemblage of man-made stars in moonlight. They’re collections of monuments, archived with the weathered dings of history. They’re robust, sparkling mountains of glass, steel, brick, and plaster that you can live in, learn in, work in, or take charge of interests in. They’re beautiful, astounding panoramas of boundless architecture.


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