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Magical Riverfront
A Rain Filled Ceremony And Royal Lily Of The Valley Bouquet To Rival Kate Middleton
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

We’ve found the Southern glory land of giant oak trees, adorable little houses with giant front porches, and plenty of charming hospitality. The best part? You can get married right smack dab in the middle of this romantic South Carolina getaway.

Montage Palmetto Bluff is situated on 20,000 acres of pristine South Carolina coastal marsh. There are about 50 little cottages making up the luxury resort, all saddled up right to nature’s doorstep. Days here are spent fly-fishing, biking through the trails, paddling down the river, horseback riding, and doing just about any other outdoor activity you can think of. And if hanging out in a rocking chair with a good book is more your speed, that’s always an option too.

Since nearly everything Tara Guerard Soiree gets her hands on designing ends up on wedding Pinterest inspiration boards around the world, we were thrilled to be able to chat with her about this gorgeous wedding she did at Montage Palmetto Bluff. With Corbin Gurkin behind the lens on these photos, we can’t imagine a more beautiful capture of this lush, historic property.


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Estate / House / Mansion / Villa
A Magical Secret Garden Wedding Surrounded by Rosemary
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush

Memories are sensory. When you close your eyes and think about your wedding day, you'll feel your significant other's hand in yours, you'll remember how they looked at you, and how beautiful you looked to them.  You'll remember the cold crisp taste of champagne on your tongue during a toast, the scent in the air as you said your I-do's. Can you imagine if your wedding took place in a secret garden surrounded by fields of rosemary? Every time you caught a whiff of that particular herb, you'd close your eyes and instantly be transported back to how your significant other's hand felt in yours, the taste of champagne on your tongue... and the scent in the air.  

We were thrilled to sit down with Jordan from Landon Jacob Photography to talk about this very special secret garden wedding venue in Columbia with European touches, seemingly surrounded by fragrant rosemary.


Robert Mills House in Columbia

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Industrial Brick Building
Guess Where This Couple Who Met on Instagram Got Married
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Ask any photographer where they’d get married if they had a world of options and nine times out of ten they’re going to say somewhere with amazing light, high contrast and real good texture. And in the case of instagram darlings Corey and Lindsey Pruitt, they hit the venue jackpot. Luck must strike twice because they also hit the photo jackpot, with Finch and Farrow who perfectly captured the peeling paint of the pastel walls. 


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Historic Building
Zero George Street Hotel : Charleston, South Carolina
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner
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Zero George Street

George Street, Anson Borough Homes, Charleston, South Carolina

The Report

If you are going to getaway with a group or throw a big bash, wouldn't you want to gather in a city that has graced the 'The Top 10 Cities in the U.S.'  list?! We certainly would. Charleston isn't just known for its pretty, but also for its friendly. We love a well-mannered town that feels like a warm and gracious host. Architecture, history, glorious gardens of overgrowing rose bushes, horse-drawn carriages, sprawling mansions, sun, sand, sailing and surf. You get all of this goodness in one delightful little city. Ivy climbing up the brick walls of perfectly restored buildings and streets lined with huge oak trees. You don't need to be a true Southern Lady or Gent to appreciate all that Charming Charleston has to offer. It is a city brimming with historic lure and art gallery galore but you can also opt to just casually watch seagulls, sunsets and sailboats cruise by.

It's hard to stick out in a city that has all of the above and famous streets like 'Rainbow Row', consisting of Crayola colored mansions all lined up in a single file. But somehow Zero George Street Hotel has managed to accomplish just that. The hotel opened in February of 2013, and is situated in the historic quiet neighborhood of Ansonborough, a mere 15-minute walk from bustling King Street and the restaurants of East Bay. The hotel consists of 5 historic buildings surrounding a brick courtyard. The main Anson building along with the two-story brick carriage house are original to the property and were built in 1804. The Cooper and the Zero buildings, built in 1816, were moved here in the 1980’s.

HOW WILL MY GUESTS GET HERE?: Zero George is approximately 20-minutes from the airport. For our guests, we are always more than happy to arrange a car service to pick them up from the airport.

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