Design & Planning Workshop
Have You Ever Dreamt Of Becoming A Designer?
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an event designer? Or if you are an event designer, are you in need of some fine tuning? Well, its your lucky duck day, because Angel of Love and Splendor Workshops is pretty much your event planning fairy godmother. With a few waves of her magical design wand, your design dreams will come true. She hosts a yearly workshop geared toward aspiring + current planners and designers... anyone who wants to learn how to start + grow + elevate a wedding business and just announced her 2015 workshop dates! We cannot emphasize how incredible this workshop is for you creatives (there realy is no emoji to do it justice). Let us walk you through the foot stompin, soul healin' times of last years workshop.


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