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Meet Our Reporters: Introducing Shan
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner


It's time for us to introduce you to our reporter Shan. If you missed our introductions to Eliot, Donny, & Cortnie you must go and meet them too.

My Name: Shan  Position: Keeper of the office. I was born and raised in California and still enjoy the daily Southern California sunshine. I have spent many years working in management positions, customer service agencies, photographing the Cali landscapes, and assisting in the event industry. Looking to utilize the my various talents, broad knowledge base and put my unique skill set to its fullest, I have excitedly joined the Venue Report Team.

Many moons ago when I was a Girl Scout (in addition to selling a boatload of Thin Mint Cookies) I learned the motto “Be Prepared."  It was explained to me that "willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well even in an emergency.” I think this motto still holds true in all my work that I do today. I like to think of myself as a kind-hearted shutterbug who is flashing my pearly whites along with my flashing camera lights. I have my office-ish side too of course, which is where my keeper-of-the-office title comes in. I love anything creative and I am one heck of a hustler baby.  I enjoy a good cup of coffee, laughter, great working relationships and a full and exciting schedule.

My dream venue for a celebration would have to be Amangiri, (peaceful mountain) which is located on 600 acres in Southern Utah. The resort is tucked away in a valley with sweeping views towards the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument. I love the outdoors and I appreciate the isolated desert location and beautiful landscape. I think the name of the celebration would be the 'just because I wanna have a heck of a good time' event. I believe you don't need a specific occasion or reason to celebrate. There is always a reason for a good meal, good drinks, and delightful desserts with the people who make your life complete. Now that I think of it, maybe we can actually call it the "you complete me" event. I would host a gigantic dinner party to celebrate the love and friendship that is shared around the table. In addition to this lovey dovey gushy stuff we would have one heck of a funny roast too. I think I would even fly in a professional comedian to really roast some of my friends.. Surprise!

Last, I am someone that believes all great things begin when one person says hello to another so email, call, or invite this Venue Reporter out for coffee so we can chat about travel, wanderlust, road trips, venues and celebrating.


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