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Meet Our Reporters : Introducing Cortnie
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner

Meet Cortnie Venue Reporter

Hello there, Party Planners! My name is Cortnie and I am one of the founders of The Venue Report. I have been an event planner and stylist for almost 9 years. My event styling company has has been featured in over 20 print publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, Rue Magazine, Inside Weddings, 944, Exquisite Weddings Magazine, Bridal Guide, C Weddings, Santa Barbara Magazine, The Knot, and many more.  As a stylist and planner I quickly realized that the hardest part of planning an event was the very beginning. Finding the venue. And it's really hard to start planning any type of celebration until the location has been selected. The venue is truly the starting point and dictates the design, style, feeling and everything surrounding the day. There have been so many times  in my career that I have received emails from planners merely ONE city away, looking for venues. How could it be such a difficult task when it is one of the most important elements of party planning?

I especially remember trying to plan a baby shower for a dear friend, and none of us (6 event planners) could figure out where to hold it?! How horribly ironic is that? We finally landed on the ideal venue and realized that they even had a special menu specifically for baby & bridal showers. But how were we to know this? We had to go to every hotel website in the area to figure it out. Thus, the idea that had already been formed was confirmed and we have been working on The Venue Report ever since. Yep, it's been almost a four year labor of love!

Each week we will introduce you to one of our reporters here at The Venue Report. We want you to get to know us because we will be traveling, pounding the pavement, and hopping on planes, trains and automobiles to find you tucked away venues. We like to call them the "hidden gems." BUT, make no mistake about it, we will also be showcasing popular and established venues too. Our hand-selected venues will showcase a wide range of prices, styles and settings from around the world.

We hope that this site, will open your eyes to hosting dinner parties, social events, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary parties, engagement parties, getaways, your wedding, and all of your life's celebratory occasions at places you would have never even thought about before. You may think you want to get married in a certain state or country, and you may not even be open to looking at other locations. But our goal is that while you are searching The Venue Report for a loft, farm, ranch or other venue type, that something may strike a chord in another city that you hadn't even considered. Maybe your dream loft is in another state, and it's the perfect price for your budget! But how would you ever have found it without a comprehensive site that has found all the cool lofts in each city, so that you could find your perfect venue with the click of a button?!

Well I know this certainly sounds like a mouthful, but we actually have a ton more surprises for you (to be revealed in late Fall/Early Winter when our FULL WEBSITE LAUNCHES!) Oh, and don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter to get an invite. We will only be sending WEEKLY emails to keep you informed of the hottest deals, new venues, venue design, the locale surrounding our featured venues and exclusive inside tips for some of these hotspots. So if you like parties, food, travel, design, and exclusive deals then this site is for you.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what my dream event venue would be? Well, it would be in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. We were fortunate enough to stay in Bedouin tents in the most stunning desert landscape you can imagine. The people of Jordan were some of the kindest we had ever met while traveling. We rode camels, drank tea, listened to live music, danced and dined under the clearest of skies and stars that night. It will forever be ingrained in my memory, and my only wish was that I could have shared it with my friends and family.  Where Will you Celebrate? We can't WAIT to find out.


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