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Reporter Roundup | Best Venues to Throw a Pizza Party!
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush

"When the moon hits your eye. Like a big pizza pie, that's amore!" Even Dean Martin thinks that pizza should get a shout out in a song, and we agree. This perfect combo of flour, water and cheese evokes such waves of childhood nostalgia for most of us, that we want to bring it back to our adulthood with a roundup of the best venues to host a pizza party at!



1. Venue: Disco Volante      Location: Vienna, Austria

Pizza Party Factor: What makes this venue ideal for a pizza party?  This blank canvas pizza joint has white tiled floors, whitewashed walls, wooden chairs... and a HUGE rotating disco ball at the heart of it all. This giant 'disco ball' is actually a spinning and working oven! The pizza oven doesn't rotate during the day, it just sits there in it's glittering glory. However as the sun sets, it's time to gather your pizza party pals because the lights dim and cue the disco ball. The ball begins to spin, multi-colored strobe lights start glittering off of it's mirrored surface and a rainbow of colorful dots shine across the white walls. The pizza party has officially begun. One that would put even the cult classic 'Saturday Night Fever' and John Travolta to shame. It's time to belt out the Beegees "Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin',And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive!"



2. Venue: Flour + Water        Location: San Francisco, CA.

Pizza Party Factor: Grab your pie-loving pals and head to Flour + Water in San Francisco's Mission disctrict for a perfect piece of cheesy goodness. Choose from 4 separate and unique venue spaces within the restaurant proper – we're partial to The Butcher Block – a salumeria and larder specializing in house-made charcuterie by day and an intimate dining space for 8-14 of your closest by night. Break bread Italian style, in abundance, by candlelight and with family."



3. Venue: Franny's Brooklyn         Location: Brooklyn, NY

Pizza Party Factor: On the East Coast we head to Franny's in Brooklyn – a pizza pie-ateria with an environmental heart of gold. And it's good too. Owners Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg are committed to purchasing locally grown ingredients and serving them in season, as well as using renewable energy sources, fair-trade products and recycleable kitchen cleaners. Join in on their cellar series where their farmer buds have a goochance to showcase their wares of delicousness or bring 12 of your pals down to Franny's cellar for a seriously saucey soiree!



4. Venue: Via Tribunal        Location: Portland, Georgetown, etc..

Pizza Party Factor: Head to Old Town Portland, long considered a National Landmark Historic District – its the ideal spot for authentic Italian cool. Bring 14 of your best for the communal table or get crazy and carouse with 32 of your closest on the mezzanine. The wood-fired oven covered in gorgeous white and biue tiles whet our design whistle while the local hand-crafted beers on tap are the perfect accompaniment to all the delicious carbs we are not going to feel bad about eating in the slightest. (Photo above of the Georgetown Location)



5. Venue: Co. Pane        Location: Chelsea, New York, NY

Pizza Party Factor: What better place to celebrate and toast to the glory of pizza with your pals than at a restaurant named after communal dining… that also serves pizza. Win, win my friends. "Co." short for "communal" (get it?) celebrates dining with friends as an experience with bread as the star. Hallelujah! (said in sotto voce choir voice). This includes toast, soup, salads, artisanal meats, cheeses and of course, the glory that is that pizza pie.




6. Venue: Pizzeria Vetri         Location: Philadelphia, Pa

Pizza Party Factor: Well if GQ magazine says this is the place I should get my pizza on… um, why wouldn't we listen? They know about clothes and fancy cars and tie pins… and apparently spectacularly good pizza too. The Vetri family makes everything from scratch and know the best way to dine is with others. Choose from 3 different venues within the restaurant including the glass-enclosed patio that will seat 60 people for an all-out decadent dinner of delicousness. Don't forget to order the Nutella Pizza for dessert - topped with marshmellow and a selection of seasonal cookies and ice cream, it's so sinfully decadent you'll need to make someone else order it so the calories don't count. They DON'T count that way MMMKAY?!Score brownie points with your sweetie by signing up for Pizza and Pasta making classes – although we think we'd prefer a one-on–one with the master sommelier tasting their finest whiskies. Oh honey, you really know me! Photo: David M Warren Photo via

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