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Event Facility
An Atlanta Warehouse Wedding And A Story We Can’t Stop Talking About
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Ambient Plus Studio

Ambient+Studio, Wells Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA, United States


Known for its incredible art and music scene, unforgettable southern hospitality, and obsession with its football team, Atlanta is easily one of the most entertaining cities south of the Mason Dixon Line. Making it even cooler, quite a few of the industrial digs around town have been revamped into giant, open, light-filled warehouse studios and event venues.

Designed by a photographer with a serious love for perfectly lit spaces, Ambient Plus is just that kind of warehouse venue. Walls of giant windows line the white brick walls framing the room, while rustic wood floors anchor the soaring ceilings. And though any wedding would certainly transform this space into something interesting, this bride crushes it in her coral tulle gown and bold blue hair.


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Art-Filled After Party
Birthday Bucket List of the Week: Go to the Kentucky Derby with 21c Museum Hotel Louisville
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush
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21c Museum Hotel Louisville

700 West Main Street, Louisville, KY, United States

“To all the ladies in the place with style and grace….”  If the month of May means pops of pastels, placin’ bets on ponies and raising a little hell with a beveled bourbon highball in hand…  all the while cocking your chic chapeau of course, this #BirthdayBucketList is for you. We’ve been chomping at the bit to put this gamblin’ gathering at the top of our #BirthdayBucketList but we figured in this case, slow and steady would win the race.

We wanted to unearth an experience worthy of your group of gorgeous gals where tradition took a bit of a turn… you didn’t think we’d be all big hats and mint juleps did ya? (Not to worry, both of these beautiful traditions remain solidly a part of this story) For this bucket list you’ll still worship at the alter of the Churchill Downs but your “Old Kentucky Home” is a decidedly more modern, chic and art-filled after party at relative new kid on the block, 21c Museum Hotel Louisville.

So gather your favorite guys and gals, grab those fabulous fascinators and head to Louisville to host a bourbon-filled bluegrass bash at the Derby and 21c – our cards are on the table and baby, they’re just showing hearts.  


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Luxe Mountain Lodge
A Mountaintop Music-Filled Gathering in Aspen
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner
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The Little Nell

675 East Durant Avenue, Aspen, Colorado

If you’re like us as soon as March 1st hits, you’re updating your spring wardrobe with pastels and pops of neon – investing in your newest pair of festival lace up sandals, a bikini (or two), arranging pretty blooms allll over your house, dusting off that bicycle and planning beach getaways with your bests. With spring always comes a beautiful reinvention, the shedding of winter coats & heavy fabrics for gauzy prints and caftans, trading comfort food for juicy and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables now in season. Indoor takeout (we’ll never give up Netflix & chill no matter the season) for outdoor farmer’s markets and best of all, welcoming that that big ol’ dose of Vitamin D we’ve all been craving so desperately!


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A Wedding in the Streets of Johannesburg
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

Skylines have always kickstarted our hearts. At any time, they stun—either a lordly beacon to inform your place in daylight or a twinkling assemblage of man-made stars in moonlight. They’re collections of monuments, archived with the weathered dings of history. They’re robust, sparkling mountains of glass, steel, brick, and plaster that you can live in, learn in, work in, or take charge of interests in. They’re beautiful, astounding panoramas of boundless architecture.


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Hotel / Resort / Spa
It Pays To Behave: A Hotel That Will Review YOU!
Nicole Lyons
by Nicole Lyons

'Oh Beeeehaaaave!' You know the infamous line belted out with a glorious accent by Mike Meyers in Austin Powers. Well now's your chance. An Australian hotel group has turned reviewing on its head. Its staff has been given the power to praise or shame a customer's lodging behavior. The Art Series Hotel Group  has launched a campaign to gain better guests. 

Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp have made it easy for patrons to grade accommodations, amenities, customer service and food, but there was no forum for members of the hospitality industry to speak back out about YOU - until now.


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