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New Years Cocktails
3 Disco Inspired Cocktail Recipes To Try On New Years Eve
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


Looking for the perfect cocktails to whip up this New Years? You are in luck! Recently, for our Gypsy Jungle Disco Holiday Party we partnered with the one and only Barçon Cocktail Co.  on the drink portion of the evening and oh boy oh boy did they deliver! However, we were'nt surprised as Barçon prides themselves in offering the finest quality libations with the service to match. For those of you who don't know, Barçon is a unique marriage between Sycamore Den, a rustic dive bar that instantly teleports you back to the 1970's and A MIHO Experience, a catering service that provides farm to table cuisine and bursts of flavor in every bite. 

We ventured to Sycamore Den in Downtown San Diego to get the inside scoop from Eric, one of Barçon's talented mixologists. You didn't think we would keep these delicious concoctions to ourself did you? Not a chance. We've willingly test drove three must try cocktail recipes and there's simply no other way to put it... For the best New Year's party ever, make sure you have one of these drinks in your hand. 





1oz of Light Rum
1oz of Dark Rum
.75oz of Orange Juice
.75oz of Lime Juice
.5oz of Cinnamon Vanilla Simple Syrup
Garnish with a Cinnamon Stick and a Cube of Dry Ice for the smoking effect


rum dry ice cinnamon new years cocktail

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Tour of Thailand
The Dreamiest Bucket List Trip: Exploring Thailand, One Four Seasons Resort at a Time
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy
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Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Thailand

We often dream of waking up beneath new skies surrounded by unknown land. There’s even something dreamlike about actually experiencing that reality. We go places we don’t recognize in order to appreciate the world and our place in it. It’s just something we’re able to do much better away from the all-too-familiar walls that we call home. 

Back home, we cherish the family and friends that we’re able to rely on, laugh with, and join in this remarkable adventure of life. We toast to grand living and good health. Yet, each October, we are freshly reminded of breast cancer’s harsh reality, as we celebrate survivors and fundraise for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That’s why last October, the Venue Report teamed up with Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley from A Bikini A Day to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

To really grab people’s attention, we decided to go big—really big. That meant bringing on Four Seasons as a partner to go the extra mile...or nearly 9,000 extra miles. So I guess we actually went really, really big, because after running a bitchin’ Instagram contest, we sent our winners to Thailand! Yup, that’s right. Thailand. See, as much as our venturesome team at the Venue Report loves to see the world, few things pump us up more than having the chance to send others on the adventure of a lifetime. Thanks to Four Seasons and A Bikini A Day, we were able to do just that.

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Floating Oyster Bar
Birthday Bucket List: Have Your Next Bday Dinner on a Floating Oyster Bar in New York
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy


This week’s #BirthdayBucketList is New York City’s favorite oyster bar. Where to score the best oysters in the Big Apple is debatable, but as far as ambiance goes, it’s downright impossible to beat Grand Banks Oyster Bar—and that’s because it’s hosted on a revitalized mid-century wooden ship known as the Sherman Zwicker.

Watching a sunset sink its fiery skin into the ocean from the New York City waterfront should be—and likely is—on everyone's bucket list. In the warmer seasons, is there a better way to appreciate the good life than toasting your friends or family with a rich blend of grand colors before you and the greatest city skyline ever behind you? No, probably not. Plus, there’s a cocktail menu and oysters!


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Pool Float Product Launch
Pool Party Product Launch With the Babes at The Line Hotel
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush
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The Line Hotel

3515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

When one of the coolest, serious-about-fun, girl-led, bad-a** brands in LA approaches you to help them find the most perfect poolside to host their summer product launch soiree, well, if you're us, you roll up yo sleeves and set to one heckuva hot venue search for a "rosé all day".kinda spot.  We'd been fans of the indomintable Jen Gotch and the #girlgang for some time, so when the opportunity came about to work together, we knew that hotline bling could only mean one thing.... FUN, and lots of it (ok, ok and lots of neon and pool floats). We knew we needed to find the ultimate location that would show off not only the new Outdoor FUN line of products we'd been dreaming of, posting about and well coveting in a maaaaaajor way for all of our poolside par-TAYs, but the inherent spirit of design and forward-thinking so prevalent in the brand. When you NEED a floral day planner, neon bendy straws, rainbow unicorn pool float and an "I Heart Pina Coladas" ring, you know you're onto something special. 

If all the world is a stage, then certainly the venue is the massively important opening act. A hop, skip and a quick cannonball from the heart of Tinseltown in Koreatown we fell in perfect step with the The Line Hotel,  where an unmistakable sense of "cool" and "fun" emanates from it's mid-century bones and it's pedigree reflects the heartbeat of the vibrant city it stands prominently and proudly in the middle of. Perfect.


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Palm Springs
See You in the Desert: A Fashion Girls Guide to Palm Springs
Jamie Eddy
by Jamie Eddy

A short while ago, the Venue Report talked all things fashion, design, and photography with creative female #bosses Allison Wagner and Jenna Bechtholt. Wagner, a graphic and web designer led creative direction, and Bechtholt, a lifestyle and wedding photographer snapped the shots. Together, they conceived one seriously iconic editorial in the sweet summer heat of Palm Springs, California. 

The two ladies played off of one another’s ideas, conceptualizing where and what to shoot, knowing the valley setting offered the perfect aesthetic and backdrop for a heady mix of retro, colorful, contemporary and fabulous architectural design. The Pink Door House, Moorten Botanical Garden, the Saguaro, and the ultra-giant windmills, were ideal backdrops, allowing Wagner and Bechtholt’s "See You In the Desert" dreams to come alive.

Their vision of stylized spaces, inordinary structures and native plant props, in conjunction with apparel featuring bold prints and funky accessories made for one HOT editorial feature, (pun totally intended). We had a chance to sit down with them both to discuss theiir vision and of course, venues. 


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