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Outdoor Community Gathering
Check Out This Pop-up Dinner Series With A Cause
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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UBC Farm

Ross Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We’re always chatting about the importance of gatherings to make people feel like they’re part of a community, but our gatherings would be null without great food and drink. The team at Canada’s Farmacie is totally with us on that point. This crew not only produces amazing pop-up events where they connect folks over delicious meals, but they do it all in the name of fundraising for local farms, small businesses and non-profit foundations. 

The Farmacie crew recently hosted a Garden of Eden community dinner in the poplar grove at UBC Farm in Vancouver to raise funds for Thrive Alive. They asked guests to show up in their Thursdays' finest (aka: farm chic) and prepared the attendees to expect the venue to completely blow their farm-to-table, garden of eden dreams out of the water. How much fun does that sound?! We turned to them for the whole story behind these amazing (and gorgeous!) events. Be sure to check out their event newsletters, because this is a team that’s worth keeping an eye on. More from Farmacie below.

Photography by: Christine Pienaar


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Block Printing Worksop
Block Shop Hosts Block Printing Workshops at This Mojave Desert Homestead
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Design fans, you’ll love the photos from this workshop that took place in Joshua Tree last fall. Block Shop, an LA-based textile company, brought together a group of creatives to teach them the Indian tradition of hand block printing using carved wooden blocks and naturally made dyes. Gathering with a group of like-minded makers and soaking up some sunshine at a homestead out in the Mojave Desert while designing scarves sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

We recently had a little chit-chat with Lily and Hopie, the sister duo behind Block Shop, and they filled us in on how they got started with their business and the inspiration behind their workshops. Stay tuned for more workshops from this crew, as they’re always adding new gatherings to their calendar. Make sure to sign up for notifications of upcoming workshops here. 


Words by Hopie and Lily of Block Shop


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Real Women Report
Real Women Report: Two Girl Bosses Share About Their Life In The Creative Industry And More
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report
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Stargazing Desert Retreat

Pioneertown, CA, United States


We are driving right into the month that celebrates women at full speed with trailblazers, adventurers and girl bosses alike! It's Women's History Month and we're not only honoring the many strong and powerful women that came before us but it is our duty to empower, encourage and highlight the many inspirational women of today's society. We are so excited to kick off this month with the #RealWomenReport. A series that embraces woman of all backgrounds and their talents in every genre of the workplace. 

To jump start this series, we recently caught up with Philadelphia Photographer, Sarah Kunst and California Makeup Artist, Dominique Lerma on the way to Joshua Tree while en route for Timberland's Spring Launch Photoshoot at our very own venue and desert oasis, Stargazing Desert Retreat. These two power houses inspired us with their creativity and drive throughout the shoot, but we were desperate to get personal and chat a little bit more about their life in the creative industry. As many know, the creative route can be competitive and while it may come across as a competition to some, these two have a different perspective and shared with us in detail why that is. Don't worry, we caught every moment on film with GoPro.


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Farm Wedding
Get A Look At This Old Llama Farm That’s Now A Wedding Venue
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Walnut Hill Farm

800 Lee Bryant Rd NE, Dalton, GA, United States

Pastures couldn’t be much greener than those at this old llama farm in Dalton, Georgia. With sprawling lawns, rose gardens, vineyards, mountain views, orchards, and a gorgeous stone fireplace to cozy up to outside, it’s easy to take the grounds at Walnut Hill Farm and make them home base for an awesome indoor/outdoor fete. And that’s just what this cute couple decided to do.

With a ceremony on the perfectly manicured lawns, guests were able to soak up that good southern sky as the pair exchanged wedding vows. Taking advantage of the property’s modern, bright barn as a reception spot, the night lit up with family love, unforgettable speeches, and plenty of dancing to boot. Heath of Jac & Heath Photography captured these gorgeous shots while his usual counterpart, Jac, played bridesmaid. We had a little chat with him to get the low down on the behind-the-scenes below.

Words and photography by Heath Bennett of Jac & Heath Photography


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History Lesson
This Family Ranch Has Been Lovingly Tended to for Decades, and Now It’s a Beloved Wedding Venue
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy
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Historic Seven Sycamores

32985 Rd 164, Ivanhoe, California, United States

In 1927, seven sycamore trees were planted in Ivanhoe, California, and the rest is history. The story doesn’t end there—in fact, it only gets better. That’s because, decades later, the orchard and farmland would become one of Central Valley’ premiere wedding venues. We're of course talking about Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch.

See, long before there were pergolas, brick paths, and ivy-laden trellises, there sat a warm and inviting homestead. Settled in the shadows of sequoias and surrounded by orange trees, the homestead remains gorgeously surrounded by its 120-acre ranch. History has remained a key component of the property, with its World War II observation tower and the barn's vintage windows being taken from a local school. New life has been no stranger either. Everything from olives to camellia flowers have popped up over the years. What may be most magical, though, is that current ranch owner Bob McKellar was raised on the property. His parents planted those iconic sycamore trees.

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