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Transform Your Charcuterie Board With This (Fancy) Cheese Lovers Recipe
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


The turn of the seasons is almost upon us and best celebrated together, perhaps with an Endless Summer party for those not ready to say goodbye or a Welcome Party for those celebrating fall’s rebirth. Whichever your choice, a transitional gathering is key for the season. The setting? Take it to the water’s edge with an open fire and create your feast.

Australian WILD Chef and traveler, Sarah Glover, is inspiring these thoughts with her very own waterfront feast that you can find amongst her other culinary adventures in her soon-to-be released cookbook. She gave us an exclusive, inside look into her intimate beachside banquet along with two heavenly recipe sneak peeks. The first is her Chargrilled Cheeses with Endive and Wild Honeycomb Platter - not only capable of inducing instant mouth-watering, it looks positively divine once done up. The second is The Hung Pork with Lemon Leaves and Blistered Grapes cooked while hanging over an open flame complete with a healthy splash pinot noir. Who's hungry?  

Photography by Luisa Brimble


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Birthday Bucketlist
These On-The-Water Tours of Australia's Coast Are Breathtaking
by Scout

Celebrate your birthday on the water and explore the rich nature of Australia’s coast. Pennicott Wilderness Journeys helps you flirt with monumental sea stacks, caves, cliffs and dolphins so that you can experience where the land meets the sea the adventurous way. These tours are categorized as a breathtaking must-do if you find yourself down under and have a love affair with the glassy and rhythmic sea. 

Experience the sublime and usher in another year!

Photography by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys


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Brunch Bucketlist
This Magical Restaurant Sits on a Rock in the Middle of the Ocean
Jené Shaw
by Jené Shaw

It will take more than a hop, skip and a jump to reach this fantasy restaurant off the coast of East Africa, but the obscure location is part of what makes it so bucket-list worthy. Appropriately named, The Rock Zanzibar sits on top of a massive boulder in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The 12-table restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining, but there’s not a bad seat in the house—everywhere you look, you’ll be surrounded by jaw-dropping turquoise water.


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Birthday Bucketlist
Is The Coolest Waterfront Resort In Mexico?
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Stunning architecture, beautiful surrounds, luxurious rooms and an incredible wellness program work in tandem at this incredible property on the rim of Baja California Sur.

Built to highlight the horizon and the ocean, the architecture is inspired, futuristic and impressive in scale. Thinking up a once-in-a-lifetime birthday experience? Mar Adentro may just be what you’re looking for.

Photography by Mar Adentro


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Petrified Waterfalls
This Waterfall Illusion Will Change the Way You Celebrate Your Birthday
by Scout

Imagine looking at a frozen waterfall cascading over a mountain ledge; a white icy hue enveloping the mountain side. After taking in the sublime, you find out that you are not looking at a waterfall at all. You are looking at Heirve El Agua, a mountain of illusion. 

This petrified mountain is the product of thousands of years of spring water rushing over the mountain side. What is left is the mineral deposits creating this natural facade. Time to cross this monumental mountain off your #BirthdayBucketList.

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