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16 Photos that Prove This Wedding Trend is Not Going Anywhere Soon
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


In the realm of all things trendy, plants have reigned supreme as the decor pièce de résistance in homes as well as at weddings and events. From party-favor-sized succulents to lush foliage tablescapes, all things green have secured their spot at the top of every party thrower’s wish list. Who’s leading the plant powered charge? Palms. They have been incorporated into all elements of design in the most creative ways, proving they’re not going anywhere soon ensuring all other flora species are green with envy.

From tropical cake toppers to palm adorned ceremony arches, even the colder seasons ahead can’t stop this movement. Forget the frost with all things warm and sunny this fall-winter or add a hint of glint with metallic painted fronds. Use this visual guide as a roadmap to inspire your next unbe-leaf-able gathering of any size, type or temperature.


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Styled Shoot
This New Philadelphia Hotel Combines Loft Style Living And Old City Charm
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


Lokal Hotel is Philadelphia’s first “invisible service” boutique hotel, combining the freedom and comfort of living in Philadelphia with the adventure of visiting. Lokal is a 6-unit boutique hotel with a focus on invisible service in Old City. Featuring six, apartment-style suites, Lokal offers guests an authentic Philadelphia experience and an escape that feels like home.

What does “invisible service” mean? The hotel has no front desk and is a walk-up only registered historical building. Instead, the team behind the project anticipated needs and created a high level, behind-the-scenes service. In doing away with many of the trappings of a traditional hotel, Lokal seeks to provide a unique connection with the city without sacrificing the comfort and care travelers expect. We partnered with Inna Spivakova of Peach Plum Pear Photo and Nicole Hutnyk of Rabbit Rabbit Crew, the two creatives behind one of Lokal's first styled photo-shoots.

Photography by Peach Plum Pear Photo | Words by Nicole Hutnyk of Rabbit Rabbit Crew


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Locals Guide To South Tyrol
A Locals Guide To Traveling Around South Tyrol
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

It seems like any photo of South Tyrol could be a postcard. The Italian province is picturesque and dramatic with a rolling green landscape set against snowy peaks. Naturally, it’s a beloved destination for vacationers and adventurers, and it helps to have a local with recommendations. 24-year-old photographer Stefan Mahlknecht is one such guide. As his Instagram account wonderfully proves, he’s quite skilled behind the lens and his time is spent well outdoors around South Tyrol.

Having grown up hiking with his parents, Mahlknecht now spends his summers and falls trying to capture natural beauty, especially mountain scenery. Meanwhile, in the winter and spring, he mostly skies. “Skiing is my second big passion, after photography,” says Mahlknecht, “and I try to combine them more and more. Sometimes I get into a conflict where I don’t know if should shoot my friends while they’re skiing a great powder field or if I should rather ski down the mountainside by myself.” What better person to tell you how to make the most of a trip to South Tyrol? We thought the same thing and asked him for insider tips.

Photography: Stefan Mahlknecht


Discover South Tyrol With The Ultimate Local's Guide

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Cocktail Party
This Is How You Throw A Tulum Inspired Taco Tuesday Party
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy

When winter finally gets around to easing up, everyone wants a solid way to transition into warmer seasons. All us adventurers and romantics want is simply a cozy party with friends, possibly outdoors (and a good drink). That’s where the Tequila vs. Mezcal Party comes in like a saving grace.

Such a celebration of agave is well overdue, and it took Layered Vintage partnering up with The Gold Leaf Project to make it happen. The festivities took place in San Diego and the Venue Report was lucky enough to attend. We had an absolute blast and wanted a few more details on how it all came to be. So we scooped an interview with Jill of Layered Vintage and Aly who coordinated the whole thing.

Photography by: Jackie Wonders | Words from Jill of Layered Vintage and Aly of The Gold Leaf Project


Mezcal Vs. Tequila... See What Happens When The Two Host A Taco Tuesday Event

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Desert Wedding
This Wedding Crew Brought Telescopes Out to The Hi-Desert
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown
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Sacred Sands

Sacred Sand Bed & Breakfast, Quail Springs Road, Joshua Tree, CA, United States


Maybe it’s the isolation amidst the grandiosity of the mountains, or maybe it’s all those bizarre-o looking Joshua Trees, but there’s something about the desert that is – let’s all say it in unison here – pure magic. While Palm Springs is popular for its cool boutique hotels and trendy restaurants, the quiet stillness of nearby Joshua Tree is one epic setting for a destination wedding that’ll have you and your guests feeling like you’re the only people left on the planet.

Whoever’s idea it was to lug a bunch of telescopes, a badass DJ, a slew of vegan tacos, and a whole party crew out to the desert in Joshua Tree, we salute you. Oh, wait. It was the brilliant minds at Moxie Bright Events, of course. Lucky for us, photographer Andria Lo was willing to give us a little insider info on this incredible desert wedding affair. Magic is certainly one word you could use to describe this one.

Words + Photos: Andria Lo

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