VENUE TYPE: Field / Forest / Orchard

The Gentlemen Journal
The Gentlemen Journal: This On-The-Go Photographer Talks About Managing Fatherhood While On The Road
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


If you are familiar with Daniel Kim's work, you'll easily spot his images at first glance. With illumination being Kim's primary focus, this natural light creative portrait and wedding photographer began shooting weddings in college while studying for his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography. Daniel in action is truly a sight to see as he naturally and effortlessly glides across every venue savoring each picturesque moment on film. 

Now you'll spot Daniel photoing alongside his wife, Ashley, with a tiny brown eyed babygirl strapped to his back. This on-the-go father does it all while capturing heirlooms for your family and children to come.

Photography: Daniel Kim + Ashley Kim 


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Real Women Report
Real Women Report: Hello America's Kristen Blanton Tells All About Life On The Road
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


If you haven't already followed the Hello America IG account, you're seriously missing out. We've been admirers of this dynamic duo for quite some time now. Their travels captured on film instantly teleport you to their location in your mind, having you daydream about how you can copy and paste their adventures and make them your own. 

We recently chatted with photographer, explorer, freelance writer, and the co-creater of Hello America, Kristen Blanton while chowing down on some tacos and churros overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We know, dreamy. What was even dreamier was hearing the heart of Kristen while discussing her passions, upcoming projects, and recent explorations near and far. This kind soul and free-spirited wanderer shares some of the most intimate and authentic moments of life on the road including cooking in the back of her car and taking bathroom breaks in the desert (insert laughing emoji here) via IG. You can only imagine how excited we were to sit down with her in person - as you know, we are attracted to all the realness. And for all you fellow camp enthusiasts out there, keep scrolling for Kristen's tips so you too can be a pro adventurer. 


Photography by: Hello America 


camping, gadgets, this girl has the best tips and tricks

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History Lesson
This Family Ranch Has Been Lovingly Tended to for Decades, and Now It’s a Beloved Wedding Venue
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy
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Historic Seven Sycamores

32985 Rd 164, Ivanhoe, California, United States

In 1927, seven sycamore trees were planted in Ivanhoe, California, and the rest is history. The story doesn’t end there—in fact, it only gets better. That’s because, decades later, the orchard and farmland would become one of Central Valley’ premiere wedding venues. We're of course talking about Historic Seven Sycamores Ranch.

See, long before there were pergolas, brick paths, and ivy-laden trellises, there sat a warm and inviting homestead. Settled in the shadows of sequoias and surrounded by orange trees, the homestead remains gorgeously surrounded by its 120-acre ranch. History has remained a key component of the property, with its World War II observation tower and the barn's vintage windows being taken from a local school. New life has been no stranger either. Everything from olives to camellia flowers have popped up over the years. What may be most magical, though, is that current ranch owner Bob McKellar was raised on the property. His parents planted those iconic sycamore trees.

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Better Together
Better Together: From Besties To Married Folk, These Instagram Duos Inspire
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report

To many the month of love is all about red roses, chocolate and how you can impress that special someone in your life. Don't get us wrong, we love the romance of tradition. However, this year has us thinking differently. For us, February is about the people in our lives that make us better - that push us to be the best we can be in all situations including the lowest points in our lives. Thanks to the power of social media, we've been inspired by dynamic duos all around the world that not only crush it indivually but man do they kill it with their better halves. 

These leading characters inspire with their travels near and far, unique and on-point style, and of course, the other half to their whole. Follow along with these 20 power of romantics, BFF's, siblings, and professional pairs. 


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The Ultimate Hot Springs Guide
For A Steamy Valentine’s Day, These Hot Springs Are Better Than Chocolate
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Looking to heat things up this Valentine’s Day? We have the most literally steamy solution for you: hot springs! With a variety of locations from Cali to Colorado to Alaska, here are a few of our favorite places to cozy up with a loved one and soak up geothermal waters and snow-capped mountain views.

From free outdoor hiking spots to luxurious resorts, there’s a hot spring for every cuddly couple that will have you singing, "It's getting hot in here..." you know the rest. Grab your dear one and get your swimsuits ready, we’re going for the plunge.


Wild Willy's Heart Shaped Hot Spring near Mammoth Lakes

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