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Real Women Report
Real Women Report: This Adventurer Has Been Living On The Road For The Last 3 Years
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


The skill of true minimalism is actually quite rare to come by. As humans we naturally collect and spend colossal amounts of money on home decor, plants, art, clothing and things of all types to provide visual presentation to our lifestyle. What if one day you ditched 90% everything you owned and swapped your home decor for real life desert landscape, roads untraveled and sights unseen? For Kim Finley the trade was surprisingly simple. 

This adventure seeking, story telling traveler has been living life on the road with her husband and VW van for the past three years. Kim believes traveling is the only expense that makes you richer and value the experiences and memories of an adventure more than any possessions. We couldn't agree more. Keep reading for more on Kim's outlook on exploring, travel advice and more. 

Photography by: The Nomadic People


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Birthday Bucketlist
The Patagonian Rainforest Is Giving You the Treehouse of Your Childhood Dreams
by Scout

Remember when wanting a treehouse for your birthday was at the top of your wish list? The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve can make that a luxurious reality. Waking up to the landscape of the rainforest in a cozy nature-immersed room is bound to beat your inner child’s dreams - and prove to be your most adventurous birthday yet.

Located in the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest, each of their lodgings mimics and mirrors an aspect of nature while artfully merging fantasy with rainforest conservation. Adventurers and nature enthusiasts, this is your #BirthdayBucketList to beat! 

Photography by The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve


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Community Gathering
This Disco Jungle Cocktail Party Was Held In A Downtown Warehouse!
Cortnie Fausner
by Cortnie Fausner
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212 West 12th Street, Los Angeles, CA, United States

The Venue Report team was recently invited to follow the call of the disco ball by the team at Be Inspired PR. Ummmm, who would pass up on that kind of invitation?! Take us to our happy place please. In addition to the promise of disco tunes, delicious food and jungle vibes, we were extra excited to attend this annual #TasselsandTastemakers event because it was being held at one of our fave Los Angeles venues, HNYPT.  

We walked into the stunning and dramatic blank warehouse that is HNYPT ready to rev up our boozing engines. We were promptly greeted with glittery crafted cocktails, suspended palm fronds, neon lava lamps slowly dancing to the music, sparkling fringe hanging from the rafters and tunes blasting from every corner of the sprawling space. This crew of creatives crafted a jaw-dropper one part "Saturday Night Fever" stayin alive and one part bohemian jungle feels. 


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Converted Grain Silo
Cape Town is Seriously Trending With This Cool Architectural Hotel Overlooking The Harbor
Alyssa Brown
by Alyssa Brown

Known for its culinary crowd, art scene and easy access to wine country, Cape Town is a mecca for travelers looking to get an urban experience in South Aftrica. Making waves in the Cape Town hotel industry, the Silo Hotel is a new luxury waterfront hotel that sits above a contemporary museum. With cool architecture that dates back to the 1920s getting some very modern updates (hello, pillowy steel windows!), this spot just opened in March and is already trending worldwide.

Photography: The Silo


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Tips + Tricks
A Frequent Flier's Pro Secrets to Saving Money With Travel Points
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report

Allow us to introduce you to Ian Agrimis. A millennial traveler, adventure enthusiast AND a whiz when it comes to how to use his air miles and points to their fullest potential. Ian's travel experience originally came from years of working with Go Pro and using their products while on his excursions (seen below in most recent European adventure). Now, Ian specializes in helping others get the most bang for their buck using his very own trials, errors and successes. 

Obviously, we had to tap this mastermind's brain! And don't worry, if you are still a tad confused on how this all works, you are not alone. But you'll have to keep scrolling to see how you can get one-on-one custom assistance from the expert himself. 


GoPro Travel Experience: Switzerland and Prague Edition

Cover Image: Félix Bossé


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