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16 Photos that Prove This Wedding Trend is Not Going Anywhere Soon
The Venue Report
by The Venue Report


In the realm of all things trendy, plants have reigned supreme as the decor pièce de résistance in homes as well as at weddings and events. From party-favor-sized succulents to lush foliage tablescapes, all things green have secured their spot at the top of every party thrower’s wish list. Who’s leading the plant powered charge? Palms. They have been incorporated into all elements of design in the most creative ways, proving they’re not going anywhere soon ensuring all other flora species are green with envy.

From tropical cake toppers to palm adorned ceremony arches, even the colder seasons ahead can’t stop this movement. Forget the frost with all things warm and sunny this fall-winter or add a hint of glint with metallic painted fronds. Use this visual guide as a roadmap to inspire your next unbe-leaf-able gathering of any size, type or temperature.


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Millennial Approved Airlines
An Airline for Millennials Will Launch in September
Jené Shaw
by Jené Shaw

Apparently Air France execs have been inspired by the millennial generation. So much in fact, that they’re launching a new airline focused entirely on 18–35-year-olds, called “Joon.”


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Movie Inspired Wedding
The Ultimate Wes Anderson Inspired Grand Budapest Hotel Wedding
Jamie Eddy
by Jamie Eddy
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Takk House

55 3rd Street, Troy, New York

Newlyweds Heidi and Frank are both owners and wedding savants of the Takk House. This grand victorian building is retrofitted for any occasion—seriously, the couple is known for making the wildest of requests into reality, and loving every minute of it. When it came time to plan their own wedding, they knew they had to go all out, and that they did.

The aged, vintage feel of the building in combination with repurposed items like an old television turned welcome sign, check in, and concierge desk, made Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" inspired interior to truly come alive. Details of elegant gilded mirrors, historic chandeliers and indoor greenery transport guests back to the 1930s where sipping cocktails, fine dining and jazzing it up on the dance floor was the norm. Heidi and Frank’s innate authenticity and desire to recreate a European hotel escape allowed for their dream wedding to become reality.



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Hotel Opening
Luxury Bedding Brand 'Parachute' Just Opened a Hotel in Venice Beach That Turns Guests Into Locals
Jake Kilroy
by Jake Kilroy


Parachute has famously put customers to bed in the coziest linens with their heads atop the softest pillowcases. The bedding company's founder and CEO, Ariel Kaye, was inspired to deliver luxury comfort to bedrooms across the country following a picturesque stay on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. There, after an exhausting day taking in the glories of the colorful seaside paradise, she crawled into bed and it was like sinking into dreams. It was the bed every traveler wishes for, the one they forever hope awaits them after an extraordinary day of hikes, bites, and rides. That’s why the woman who gave us the softest sleeping experience ever is taking things up a notch—by opening a hotel.


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Pool Float Product Launch
Pool Party Product Launch With the Babes at The Line Hotel
Katie David Bush
by Katie David Bush
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The Line Hotel

3515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

When one of the coolest, serious-about-fun, girl-led, bad-a** brands in LA approaches you to help them find the most perfect poolside to host their summer product launch soiree, well, if you're us, you roll up yo sleeves and set to one heckuva hot venue search for a "rosé all day".kinda spot.  We'd been fans of the indomintable Jen Gotch and the #girlgang for some time, so when the opportunity came about to work together, we knew that hotline bling could only mean one thing.... FUN, and lots of it (ok, ok and lots of neon and pool floats). We knew we needed to find the ultimate location that would show off not only the new Outdoor FUN line of products we'd been dreaming of, posting about and well coveting in a maaaaaajor way for all of our poolside par-TAYs, but the inherent spirit of design and forward-thinking so prevalent in the brand. When you NEED a floral day planner, neon bendy straws, rainbow unicorn pool float and an "I Heart Pina Coladas" ring, you know you're onto something special. 

If all the world is a stage, then certainly the venue is the massively important opening act. A hop, skip and a quick cannonball from the heart of Tinseltown in Koreatown we fell in perfect step with the The Line Hotel,  where an unmistakable sense of "cool" and "fun" emanates from it's mid-century bones and it's pedigree reflects the heartbeat of the vibrant city it stands prominently and proudly in the middle of. Perfect.


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