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August Garden Month at Blackberry Farm

VENUE: Blackberry FarminTennessee, USA
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Event Date Aug 1st
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Join us for a month-long celebration of our garden!

Join us in August for a month-long celebration of the growth, harvest, and beauty of the Garden! The Blackberry Farm Garden team is hard at work tending and harvesting fresh-from-the-Farm Summer crops. Taste what we’re growing, learn from our incredible team of artisans and experience the process of taking our plants from farm to table. With opportunities to get creative or simply enjoy a peaceful walk through the rows, explore why Garden Month is one of our favorite times of the year.

Garden Dinner each Monday evening at 7:00pm 
Raku Pottery and Floral Arranging in the Garden, Thursdays at 9:00am 
“Preserve the Garden” Cooking Class, Fridays at 2:00pm 
Saturday Tomato Tastings with John Coykendall 

About the Host

Blackberry Farm

What started with a wild blackberry bramble, blossomed into this completely luxurious, farmstead on the range, where master gardeners share their craft, fragrant earthy truffles are found and delicate, smoky whiskeys are tasted aplenty.

With a beautiful bounty of recently harvested crops and a plethora of perfect beverage pairings nestled at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, answer the call of this ideal idyll for your next intimate gathering, wedding, getaway or seasonal holiday party. Learn more about our group offerings here.


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