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Coming Home: A Zen Meditation Retreat at The Land, September 26th-29th

The LandCalifornia, USA
Accommodation pricing are inclusive of course fee + 3 days and 2 nights of lodging and food.
Event Date Sep 26th
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Learn how to deepen your meditation with Ed Brown.

Learn how to deepen your meditation. Get deep and laugh at life with a deep Zen Priest who has an irreverence for life. Allow the spectacular beauty of The Land to sink you even deeper into yourself and Ed Brown will do the rest.

For those of you who have never meditated, you’ll fall in love with it.
For those of you with a deep meditation practice, you’ll gain new perspective and depth.

Zen Logistics:
There will be a schedule of practice beginning at six am and continuing through lunch.  The afternoons will be free from about 2 – 5 pm, with the possible exception of work assignments or teacher meetings. The schedule will include seated meditation, qi gong, walking meditation, perhaps some chanting.

This is not about having the experience you’d like to be having, should be having,  shouldn’t be having, having the experience that will receive approval or rejection for having or not having. Rather it is awakening to the mind and body of today. It is realizing this body, this mind now.
Not that your reality is the truth. Simply that it is yours.  For better or worse, in sickness and in health. It’s what you observe, what you feel, what you think, what you want. It’s being the mother you never had whom you always wanted; being the father you never had whom you always wanted.

About Ed Brown:​​​​​​
A Dharma heir of Sojun Mel Weitsman, in 1971, Brown was ordained as a Zen priest by Shunryu Suzuki, who gave him the Dharma name Jusan Kainei ("Longevity Mountain, Peaceful Sea"). He edited Suzuki's book Not Always So in 2002 after Suzuki's death in 1971.

Brown helped to found Greens Restaurant in San Francisco. He and founding chef Deborah Madison wrote The Greens Cookbook in 1987. 

He wrote The Tassajara Bread Book in 1970 with a $100 advance from the publisher. As of 2003, 750,000 copies were in print, with 3,000 copies still selling every year. From the mid-1960s to the mid-'80s, Brown lived, cooked, taught or was a manager at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center and the San Francisco Zen Center.

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The Land

Grab your coworkers, family and friends and head over to this beautiful property in the middle of the forest.

A retreat center with contemporary sensibilities, this 162 acres of Northern California’s most epic forest and fields, with wilderness cabins, a restaurant, rivers, and towering redwoods to enjoy, it’s a rare all-in-one experience.


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