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17 of the Sweetest Doughnut Shops Around the World

It's National Donut Day! Everyone loves doughnuts - we can all agree on that, right? With these 17 doughnut shops you get more than just a sugary creation. You get beautiful ambiance, fresh coffee and sweet creativity. So if you're craving some out of the box doughnuts, we have the spot for you. After all, you only live once. Which doughnut will you be celebrating with?

Reporter: Scout | Donuts: Stan's Donuts
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Coco Donuts

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon is where Coco Donuts lives. Not only do they handcraft their doughnuts, they also roast their own coffee so you can enjoy the duo the right way. Try their Lavender Glazed or Chocolate Custard Filled doughnut.
Photo:Karen Lao
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WOW Donuts & Drips

Plano, Texas
White exposed brick and a neon sign make WOW Donuts & Drips the aesthetically pleasing way to enjoy a doughnut. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, grab your friends and family and satisfy that sweet tooth. Might we suggest the Over the Rainbow or the Pineapple Upside Down doughnut? 
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Stan's Donuts

Chicago, Illinois
Stan’s Donuts is bringing California-style to Chicago. What started in 1963 in Los Angeles is now serving up peanut butter pockets in the Midwest. Some of their specialities include Pistachio Glazed, Buttermilk Bar and Red Velvet.
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General Porpoise Doughnuts

Seattle, Washington
General Porpoise Doughnuts whips up fresh donuts filled with seasonal jams, jellies, curds, custards and creams. White exposed brick and gold fixtures make up the ambiance of this cute shop. Based in both Seattle and Los Angeles (coming soon), enjoy some top quality coffee with your doughnut.
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Doughnut Time

London, United Kingdom
At Doughnut Time, the sign on the wall says it all – “It’s always a good time.” This tiny hole-in-the-wall pumps out the classics (original glazed, salted caramel and Nutella) while also offering their creative spin (maple bacon, watermelon and cookie dough). If visiting in London, don’t forget to try their vegan options too.

Donut Shop

Prague, Czech Republic
Head on over to Prague for handcrafted doughnuts and specialty coffee. Open until they sell out, this doughnut shop delivers. One baby doughnut cake and a pistachio, ricotta, orange and vanilla bean glaze doughnut to go please.
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Bogart's Doughnut Co.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Committed to using local and seasonal ingredients, this Minneapolis doughnut shop was opened up by a former attorney whose hobby was baking. Some of their doughnut flavors include Lavender Cake, Nutella-Filled and Coffee Cake. 
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Supermoon Bakehouse

New York, New York
This millennial spot creates doughnuts that are hand-rolled, sometimes taking two to three days to make. Be on the look out, their menu changes every week and their Lychee Berry Jelly Doughnut has us drooling.
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The Goods

Carlsbad, California
Artisan doughnuts are the name of the game at The Goods in Carlsbad, California. This family built bakery brings out all the fancy ingredients: Tahitian vanilla, stuffed Nutella and brown butter, to name a few. With some Art Deco influence, The Goods creates their doughnuts from scratch.
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Five Daughters Bakery

Nashville, Tennessee
Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this family owned business comes from a lineage of bakers – owner Isaac is a third generation baker. They have paleo doughnuts, 100 layer doughnuts and yeast raised doughnuts. The most charming part about this shop? The white and turquoise house it calls home. 

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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Los Angeles, California
“I got baked in Los Angeles,” reads the neon sign hanging up on the exposed white brick at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. They are known for their Cruffins – a croissant-muffin hybrid filled with cream and of course, their Instagrammable space. 
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Sunshine Doughnut Company

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Burlington, Ontario is home to Sunshine Doughnut Company. This mom-&-pop shop specializes in hand-made crafted doughnuts. Some of their stand out flavors include Burlington Cream, Dulce de Leche and Blueberry Basil.
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The Dancing Donut

Fishers, Indiana
All doughnuts are made from scratch at The Dancing Donut and they close their doors once their delicious creations sell out. Some of their doughnuts include Brown Butter Crumble, Peanut Butter Jelly and Copa Banana.
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Snob Premium Donuts

Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia
This Columbian doughnut shop doesn’t just serve doughnuts. They also serve breakfast all day. Grab a milkshake or two and brunch the right way. Their gourmet doughnuts are sure to have you coming back for more. 
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Bougie's Donuts & Coffee

Sunset Valley, Texas
Sunset Valley, Texas is home to Bougie’s Donuts & Coffee. Elevating the traditional doughnut experience, you can enjoy a fresh made doughnut with a side of espresso. Double Berry, Chocolate Bacon and Cinnamon Sugar (gluten free) are some of their standout flavors. 
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The Salty Donut

Miami, Florida
The Salty Donut stays open until they sell out. With their creative and flavorful menu, we understand why. Think Tres Leche and Nutella Filled doughnuts. This Florida shop even has gluten free and vegan options for those who still need their doughnut fix the healthier way.
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Brammibal's Donuts

Berlin, Germany
Brammibal’s Donuts in Berlin, Germany has a pink floor... need we say more? With a doughnut menu that ranges from Pina Colada to Maple Smoked Coconut, this vegan bakery is serving up memorable baked goods.

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