Hello there celebrator, it’s so nice to meet you! We are your Venue Reporters & Correspondents. We are the folks who are rolling up our sleeves, researching, reporting, and traveling to connect you with the very best in venue spaces from around the globe. We will be doing everything possible to ensure that the very first part of your next gathering, (choosing a location) is SUPER EASY.


What is the Venue Report? We are a digital media company who, at our core, promote the age old tradition of gathering. We are venue aficionados, and between our team, have over 30 years combined experience in event design & production, not counting the amazing industry professional correspondents experience! Our venue reporters & correspondents are finding and reporting on the celebration locations of your dreams, then aggregating all that information in one easy to use platform for you. We believe in trusted curation, quality over quantity, memorable design and exemplary service, and therefore are setup as an invitation based website for our member venues. You will not only find a curated directory to contact but also rich content produced by us, and our correspondents. Read reports & roundups, see real event photos, get inside tips and information on the venues and locale, view specials, experiential travel opportunities, events and unbooked dates in your city. Our team does the vetting for you and only reports on venues that we deem have a unique, ‘x’ factor, the ‘up and comers’, restorations, and new openings.

Because we strive to be out-of-the-box, edgy, and innovative in our approach to venue nominations, we’re not afraid to travel to low valleys and high mountain peaks, isolated gaps within sprawling city life, hidden villages in foreign lands, or even your backyard if you promise not to arrest us for trespassing in order find great venues. We crave the abyss, the esoteric, and the the underdog while also recognizing the merits of established venues.


Why a site dedicated to venues? We believe that venues inspire togetherness, connections and memories. A venue is the foremost part of your planning, the place where the drinking, dining and memories will take place. We hope to open your eyes to hosting weddings, corporate functions, social events, multi-family experiences and group getaways, at places you may have never thought about before. We strive to be the go to resource for you when gathering for any of these type of functions. Where will you celebrate, getaway and gather?