3 Disco Inspired Cocktail Recipes To Try On New Years Eve
Looking for the perfect cocktails to whip up this New Years? You are in luck! Recently, for our Gypsy Jungle Disco Holiday Party we partnered with the one and only Barçon Cocktail Co.  on the drink portion...
by The Venue Report

Looking for the perfect cocktails to whip up this New Years? You are in luck! Recently, for our Gypsy Jungle Disco Holiday Party we partnered with the one and only Barçon Cocktail Co.  on the drink portion of the evening and oh boy oh boy did they deliver! However, we were'nt surprised as Barçon prides themselves in offering the finest quality libations with the service to match. For those of you who don't know, Barçon is a unique marriage between Sycamore Den, a rustic dive bar that instantly teleports you back to the 1970's and A MIHO Experience, a catering service that provides farm to table cuisine and bursts of flavor in every bite. 

We ventured to Sycamore Den in Downtown San Diego to get the inside scoop from Eric, one of Barçon's talented mixologists. You didn't think we would keep these delicious concoctions to ourself did you? Not a chance. We've willingly test drove three must try cocktail recipes and there's simply no other way to put it... For the best New Year's party ever, make sure you have one of these drinks in your hand. 





1oz of Light Rum
1oz of Dark Rum
.75oz of Orange Juice
.75oz of Lime Juice
.5oz of Cinnamon Vanilla Simple Syrup
Garnish with a Cinnamon Stick and a Cube of Dry Ice for the smoking effect


rum dry ice cinnamon new years cocktail



This cocktail is a straight forward build and shake: add the juice and simple syrup into a tin, then add the rums. Shake in a tin and strain over fresh ice. You may use a cinnamon stick across the edge of the glass or insert into the drink. Now, carefully use tongs to drop in one cube of dry ice.

Substitute: Orgeat would make this cocktail much more of a tiki cocktail, or even substitute the rum for bourbon for an even bigger kick!

This cocktail was designed to be the life of a party! The look and taste combine for a sure win at your next gathering with friends and family alike.





1.5oz Vodka
2oz of Lavender Lemonade
Garnish with Lemon Wheel and Wand of Lavender

Start by making the lavender lemonade:

-Steep fresh lavender into a sugar water mixture for 30 minutes, strain and let cool.
-Add equal parts of lavender syrup and lemon juice.

-Add 1.5oz of vodka to a tin with ice.
-Add in 2oz of the lavender lemonade.
-Stir and strain over fresh Ice.
-Gently layer the lemon wheel and lavender wand.


lemonade vodka lavender cocktail new years



Substitute: If lavender doesn't fit your fancy, you can try different fresh spices for example: rosemary or thyme for a nice twist. You may also substitute gin for the vodka in this cocktail.

The lavender lemonade finds its’ place in every season of the year. The drink is refreshing, unique and can easily turn an American classic summer drink, into a craft cocktail.





1.5oz of reposado tequila
1oz Orange juice
1oz Lime juice
1oz Grapefruit Juice
.5oz of Agave
Pinch of salt
Mircoflower garnish

Add all ingredients into a shaker tin, and shake vigorously. Strain into a coupe or martini glass. Garnish with microflowers.


tequila lime grapefruit agave microflower new years cocktail



Substitute: You may use any kind of tequila for the cocktail or substitute with a flavored vodka like pear or cucumber to completely change the identity. Always remember to use fresh squeezed juice, the difference is immeasurable.

I was on a trip into the heartland of Guadalajara, and I came across a roadside bar. They only served one cocktail, The Catarina. However, they served their version in a 1 liter clay pot!



Cocktails by Barçon Cocktail Co. | Glassware by Hostess Haven | Styling + Art Direction by The Venue Report | Venue: Sycamore Den 

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