A Boho Beach Wedding on The Island of Mykonos
Alyssa Brown
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Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant, Míkonos, Greece

Adrian Wood recently photographed a wedding at brand new beachside boho restaurant, Alemagou and spilled the details with us about the experience of shooting at this new hotspot. The lucky couple was able to truly SEAS the day with this stunning setting as the backdrop to their nuptials. Rock formations, perfect sunset views, vast beaches, privacy and a designer restaurant made the destination planning process easy and breezy. 



"This was my first experience photographing a wedding at Alemagou. I photographed a young Italian & Brazilian couple who were looking for something unique for their guests to enjoy. As a photographer, there were so many highlights to this venue! The first one that struck me was its privacy, providing a beach setting with a feeling that it’s your own special peaceful place for the day.  

The next highlight was the warm orange sunset giving an incredible and natural glow to the location and people you’re photographing.  The vast amount of sand and the surrounding rocks leading to the sea just keeps adding to the vista.  It’s pretty unique to find a spot like this anywhere in the world that hasn’t been over-commercialized." - Adrian Wood 



The Wedding 

This luxe wedding was for a young couple residing in Milan who wanted to bring their small but elegant set of international jetsetting guests to a beach environment where they could exchange their personal vows, followed by a late night beach party!  



The Location 

Alemagou was the perfect venue choice for this super chic couple. Set in a safe, stylish pocket of Mykonos, this part of the island gets washed in the famous glow of the Greek sunset light. 



Inside Tip 

"The light was good everywhere, but the main point is that it’s best leading up to sunset, during sunset and just after sunset. The combined venue lighting and beach lighting during twilight give the same warm feeling, as does the natural wooden decor." - Adrian Wood 



Venue Report Tip

Planner and designer Vanessa from DeplanV, a coordination company based in Athens, organized and styled this special day. Hiring a local event team makes the destination wedding planning process much easier and breezier! 



Highlights of Alemagou

"It's pretty unique to find a spot like this anywhere in the world thats not been over commercialised given its obvious benefits named above. The roof and wooden decor compliments the surroundings perfectly allowing almost a Caribbean feel to the venue but in my opinion the light is superior in Greece." - destination photographer,  Adrian Wood  



The team at this beautiful beachside boho dreamscape could not have been more friendly and accomodating. Adrian pointed out that Alemagou ensured the workers and guests alike had the time of their lives. 



Mojitos Aplenty 

When we asked Adrian to give us a super secret insider tip, he was quick to rave about the delightful mojitos that were served at the venue. His tip? "Open a Mojito training academy as I have never enjoyed so many :)" 



Venue: Alemagou | Photographer: Adrian Wood Photography | Planner + Designer: Vanessa from DeplanV


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