A Floating Glamping Gathering
Adios big city, we are heading to the countryside, fields and trees where we can hang a tree tent. We know how much you long for new adventures and we understand how much you love a good glamping gathering. Just when you...
by Cortnie Fausner

Adios big city, we are heading to the countryside, fields and trees where we can hang a tree tent. We know how much you long for new adventures and we understand how much you love a good glamping gathering. Just when you thought you had seen all of the neatest safari tents, tipis, treehouses and yurts, a designer comes up with a floating tent and roommoon! This takes glamping to a whole new level (literally). 



Imagine a picnic on the soft grass as you hoist yourself up to swing amongst the trees with soft music playing in the background and your friends sprawled out on picnic blankets on the soft grass below. A typical BBQ turns into a floating treehouse soiree. You take turns swaying in the sky as flocks of birds fly past you while you giggle over silly conversations and cocktails. We are so enamored with this concept and think it may be even cooler than a hidden swimming hole with a rope swing.  We had to chat with the designer behind this eco-friendly fun-filled concept. Meet Roo. 

TVR: What is the concept behind the Hanging Tent Company?

ROO: It started with my A Level project for design & technology. I wanted to create something that would be wonderful to experience and as unique as possible. So I designed the roomoon; at this stage though it was very rough and barely worked, but it was a starting point. Over the following year, I reworked the design into a very high quality product. It is handmade in Dorset where I live. After testing and some sales, I released it to the internet.



TVR: How did you come up with the idea?

ROO: There is a rumour saying that it was based off an onion; this is only loosely true. The shape was inspired by objects like onions and figs but the actual idea of being in the canopy was drawn from treehouses. The main difference between a roomoon and a treehouse is that there is very little privacy in a treehouse;a roomoon, when hoisted, cannot be reached. Similarly, the portability of the roomoon allows very little damage to come to any wildlife. The combination of these three things - figs, treehouses and privacy - made the base idea for the roomoon. 


TVR: Tell us a bit about your design process?

ROO:  The initial stages started out as tiny sketches. The tricky part is making the sketch work. I adopted it from the sketch to a hanging teepee to an extremely strong, steel ball. Yet neither of these fitted my three requirements. Finally I combined the two ideas to make the high strength but light weight canvas product we see today.



TVR: What makes a Hanging Tent a great accent or addition to an event, celebration, gathering?

ROO: Its sheer uniqueness. At every event I have taken it to, it has drawn large crowds. There are other hanging tents but none that allow you to hoist yourself up to the privacy and peace of the canopy.


TVR: Have you used them at any events or gatherings yet? What were the occasions and/or events? What was the reaction from the guests?

ROO: I camped in the roomoon at a great local festival, Fanny Hatstand, for three days with a simply brilliant crowd. I have shown them at my old school, Bryanston, to great effect, in addition to numerous private viewings. On all occasions, it has been a huge success. I plan on arranging more public events around the country, such as the Chelsea Flower Show and more festivals.



TVR:  Are they available for rent?

ROO: Currently they are only for sale but in time I hope to make them a feature of festivals and glamping sites for people to come and enjoy the surroundings from a lofty 3 meters. It provides a dry, safe, comfortable space in an environment that has the potential to be wet and muddy.



TVR: Tell our readers why a hanging tent is a 'MUST HAVE' for their next glamping experience. 

ROO: I guarantee that you will never experience anything like this. Its comfortable serenity is a wholly unique experience and something that I want many to share in. For those searching for the magical peace of nature, without discomfort or damage to the environment, the roomoon is ideal. 

It’s not a tree house, it’s not a static tent, it’s the rare and beautiful opportunity to live in comfort in the treetops.   

Photo Credit:  Alex Mourant  for The Hanging Tent Company 

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