Birthday Bucket List: Girls Getaway at Brand New Tree House on the Beach in Mexico
To you outdoorsy, but oh-so-chic bunch, we have found the place for you. This perfect gathering spot embraces all things outdoors, while still encouraging luxury. I think in today’s day and age, we call this fab trend glamping. This...
by Jordan Willner

To you outdoorsy, but oh-so-chic bunch, we have found the place for you. This perfect gathering spot embraces all things outdoors, while still encouraging luxury. I think in today’s day and age, we call this fab trend glamping. This week’s #BirthdayBucketList is all about “Mehhicoo”! Find yourself, and your soul, immersed in nature at gorgeous boutique hotel Playa Viva, which as of recently has #blessed us by opening their first-ever tree-house found literally in the palm trees, while overlooking the ocean.

This is totally-Tarzan-meets-The Little Mermaid. Did we mention the tree house is equipped with all living amenities making it available to stay in over night? Playa Viva is situated between the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean and the spectacular Sierra Madre Mountains and rests on a mile of gorgeous, private beach. So grab your best girls and head off the grid to this adventurous and glamptacular hotspot filled with yoga, moonlight beach bonfires and late night swims. 


                                                                                                                                                           Photo: Kevin Steele Photography

Start your day with the voice of the sea

No need to set an alarm clock to get your day started when the crashing of the waves just outside your tree house makes for the perfect wake-up call. Unplug at this lavish tree house raised 6 feet above the ground giving you the feeling of being one with nature. With its cozy bed, private bathroom, in-floor hammock, ocean views, and complimentary daily yoga, you and your gals will start each morning completely stress-free. 


                                                                                                                                                             Photo: Kevin Steele Photography

They Say Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal

No panicking here! Catering to an array of dietary needs, this amazingly accommodating hotel offers vegan, vegetarian, “fishetarian,” allergy-friendly, omnivore, and even kosher food options. Your tree house room-service breakfast will be designed for your body allowing you to start your day just right. 

You will get to eat your delightful treats out of some serious handmade bowls. The dotted and colorful ceramics in shades of the sunset from Capula will make your bohemian breakfast a true feast for the eyes. 



A Day At The Spa

Audrey Hepburn once said, “People, even more than things have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed.” Take Audrey’s advice and treat you and your squad to a much-needed massage on the beach just outside your living quarters. With an always on-call masseuse, who can also provide additional services including facials and scrubs, you’re bound to find your spiritual center.

Once you’ve had all the knots rubbed out of your back, head on up to your tree house to shower off the lotions and oils before adventuring off to the next big thing. Since the resort boasts an eco-friendly environment, community, and culture, you’ll find yourself cleansing with soaps that are made locally from waste, yet are amazingly regenerative for your skin. 



Let Out Your Inner Ramona Singer With Some “Turtle Time”

Every year thousands of endangered turtles make their way to the shores of Playa Viva to lay their eggs. The Playa Viva Sanctuary was established by the resort as a means to protect these eggs and the lives of the turtles from awful predators and poachers. There is nothing like getting together as a team to make a difference in the world, so gather your group and work together to join in on the collecting of turtle eggs to bring to safety. Not only will you all have worked together to contribute to the saving of an endangered species, but at the end, you will also get to personally help return these baby turtles back into the ocean (please imagine holding a baby turtle! SO cute!).

What an amazing and once in a lifetime experience it would be to participate in something as rewarding as this! You’ll return home feeling a sense of bliss knowing you made a difference.  


                                                                                                                                                             Photo: Kevin Steele Photography

Get Your Midday Fix

After a long day of yoga, massages, and volunteering, take a breather with a mid-day snack of fresh frozen grapes, flavorful paletas (otherwise known as fresh fruit popsicles), or aguas frescas (fresh-squeezed fruit juices). If you’re looking for something a little less sweet, go for their infamous jicama, carrot, or cucumber slices covered in lemon, salt, and chile. Um… we’re drooling. 

The day is now approaching the end, so why not conclude the night, before heading out for a yummy dinner, by kayaking through the waves at sunset. All you need for a peaceful kayak is your bathing suit, a positive attitude, and your gals. Self-discovery often begins within your quest to find inner peace. This tranquil moment makes for the perfect time to reflect on discovering your place to inner tranquility. 


Photo: We Are Young Souls Retreat

“People Who Love To Eat Are The Best Kind Of People” – JULIA CHILD

All day long you treated your mind, body, and soul with absolute respect, so now it’s time to indulge in all the deliciousness that Playa Viva food is. Considered healthy Mexican, meals are cooked with very little oil and are made with locally sourced and organic ingredients, so guilty eating here does not exist…phew! Playa Viva is the perfect place to remind yourself that eating is about nourishing your soul, not counting calories. 

Grab an outdoor table that overlooks the horizon, and gossip and sip on those tangy margaritas while feasting on spicy tortilla soup, delicious caeser salad, fresh red snapper, and yummy chicken taquitos. 


Photo: We Are Young Souls Retreat

SAVE THE DATE: MAY 18-22, 2016 - Book A Girls Gathering Retreat 

If you like the idea of heading to this spiritual oasis, but want an even more amplified journey for your divine self, SAVE THE DATE to embark on an adventure with fellow nomads and dream seekers at the 'We Are Young Souls Retreat', dubbed #WAYSeacapeTWO.  Turn your zen mode on, pack your bags & run away with these glorious gals. The intention of the retreat is to "come home with tools that can integrate into your everyday life and start building a holistic relationship with your person. The priority is to honor the level of your practice, so do not worry, everyone goes at their own pace but united in intent."

Some of the highlights of the retreat include: 

  • moonlight bonfires
  • daily yoga
  • guided meditations
  • chakra healing workshops
  • acroyoga
  • hiking
  • intro to Thai massage
  • vinyasa flow
  • mindfulness


Photo: We Are Young Souls Retreat


Sometimes all that you need is a relaxing getaway that celebrates you and your favorite people, while celebrating the beauty that is your mind and body. There are not many places where you can truly unwind while sleeping in a 6-foot tall tree house overlooking the ocean while enjoying restorative sunrises and sunsets.  

Find your inner “ohm” by treating yourself and you’re your bests to a weekend glamping adventure full of good food, good times, and good healing. Visit Playa Viva to plan your own private #BirthdayBucketList adventure - OR -  join fellow nomads and book the 'We Are Young Souls' retreat here. 

Venue: Playa Viva | Photography: Playa Viva We Are Young Souls Retreat


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